• Taking the Lead


    We are on pins and needles...so excited to announce our brand-new blog series:  Leading Ladies!  We've gathered some of our favorite females--from the blogosphere and beyond--for a fun collaboration of fashion and style.  The twist?  These lovely ladies will have a chance to play designer with our vintage baubles and bold-colored beads...you'll be as in love with the jeweled results and you are their own creative pursuits.  (And with one Leading Lady each month, it's bound to be a year of fun-filled style here at Elva!)  

    Our first-ever Leading Lady will be announced in just a few short days...we can't wait to share her with you!  Here's a hint until her January Leading Lady debut: you'll be oh-so-in-love with her jubilant outlook on life.  Stay tuned!

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  • Hip Hip Hooray!


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  • A Wonderful Welcome to the Studio

    We were honored when fantastic new retailer C. Wonder (our partners in crime in our recent collaboration collection!) enlisted the aid of a video crew to offer some insight to who we are and what we do here at Elva Fields.  We hope you'll enjoy a little peek into our tiny studio and tiny town--we're thrilled with the results! 

    A few behind-the-scenes shots from the day of filming show the team hard at work, a glimpse of wardrobe (jewels, of course!) and a few fun details around our workshop:

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  • Glad Tidings


    Wishing you all a joy-filled weekend of wonderful memories and moments...and see you back here after the holiday!

    [festive flakes from our windows in historic downtown Taylorsville, Kentucky]

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  • Introducing: Deb.


    There is no website large enough to explain or proclaim our love for mama Deb.  She is our best and most favorite encourager, champion, advisor, therapist, childcare provider, chef, helper-when-you-need-it-most-and-least-deserve-it, and more.  (She's our mother!)  We like to think that she'd wear our jewelry even if she didn't have to (she would,) and the fact that she was willing to take part in our photo shoot (being in front of the camera is NOT her favorite thing ever) in addition to preparing all of the food AND decorating Nana's entire house for the occasion is just one of the many things she's done to support our endless undertakings.  Let's just say she's been a fan of Elva Fields since it was her dear grandmother and not a jewelry brand.  

    When she took a break from caring for everyone else in her life (in the rare 15 minutes she actually sat down and relaxed one day) she was kind (indulgent) enough to answer our questions about her culinary, decorative, and traditional memories...and--not to worry--we'll feature more on this lovely lady down the road.  She's one talent to watch, for sure.  

    Emily:  As a family of foodies, we relate everything to the deliciousness of a meal...do you have any favorite holiday treats?

    Deb:  Kentucky country ham, Uncle Leonard's eggnog (only after I got to be 21), Aunt Jane's Candy Bar Cookies, Grandmother's Coconut Cake with Ambrosia (the kind with fresh orange sections, freshly grated coconut and maraschino cherries...ice cold)
    and the flurry of activity in the kitchen.  [Please note that we have ZERO culinary talent and would also be shot for sharing the family recipe, so no hope for a recipe here...but stay tuned...you never know when things might turn around for skills or sharing.]

    E:  Growing up, what was your favorite holiday tradition?

    Going to Grandmother and Granddad's house with Aunts and 
    Uncles and a slew of cousins.

    E:  Is there a holiday tradition from our family that you're secretly (well, not anymore) hoping I'll pass on to your Kentucky granddaughters?

    D:  Going to grandmothers house.  Huge Christmas breakfast and staying in your PJ's as long as you want.  

    E:  What tops your tree (or will once you do your decorating)?

    D:  A 1950's glittered wire star.

    E:  Given your artistic eye...and your propensity for wearing black...which one of our Holiday Collection earring styles would you most likely wear to a holiday get-together among friends?

    D:  The pearls....they always look so nice with black.

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