• Fall Fashion

    A few fun fashion pairings from our Fall Collection! (Click on each image for details.)








    Posted by Emily Maynard
  • Sale, Styled: Transitioning to Fall

    Our End-of-Summer Sale may have just wrapped, but as the dust settled after the last order shipped, I noticed we still had some pretty amazing (if I do say so myself) jewels left on the shelves that could be so great for the fall season.  So here's what I decided: I re-taught myself the limited skills I had in Adobe InDesign and crafted this not-incredibly-polished-but-passable blog post that shows some of my favorite sale goodies with some of my favorite fashion finds around the interwebs. Perhaps it will inspire some fun outfits, maybe you'll decide to snag that necklace you've been eyeing after all, or maybe it'll just be incredibly obvious that I'm NOT a graphic designer. No matter, here you go, peeps. And...just for checking it out, any items of ours featured in the post will be an extra 20% off with code SALESTYLED at checkout, now through the end of the month. Enjoy!


    Tie-Sleeve Sweatshirt / Radiant Wonder Necklace / Vintage Céline Scarf 

    Go Against the Grain Necklace / Gingham DressWide Leg Crop Pant

    Vintage BraceletLimited-Edition Brass Bangle 

    Fatigue Boyfriend Shirt / Vintage Tassel Earrings 

    Vintage YSL Scarf  / Flounce Dress

    A Refreshing Twist NecklaceCropped Tee

    Sonja Dress / So Much to Say Necklace / Vintage Filigree Earrings

    Ruffle Swing Top / Golden Starshine Necklace  

    Waves on Repeat Necklace High-Rise Denim


    Posted by Emily Maynard