• Local Louisville Pick-Up / Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

    Louisville friends, for the first time EVER we're offering local pick-up for your holiday gift orders! Here's how it works:

    1. Place your order online on our website.

    2. At checkout, select LOCAL PICKUP from the shipping options.

    3. Wait to receive an email from us to arrange a time and date (slots will be available through Wednesday 12.23) and instructions for your pick-up order.

    4. Pick up your order from our Crescent Hill front porch!

    Still have questions? Email us - we're happy to help!


    Posted by Emily Maynard
  • WIYJB? - FAQs

    ~ What does WIYJB? stand for?  Why I Yell Jibberish Badly? Who Is Yammering Joyfully (about) Bourbon? Where Is Your Jelly Bean? All great guesses, but it's actually Elva speak for What's In Your Jewelry Box?

    ~ Why do you want to know what's in my jewelry box? Well, we're not nosy or anything, but we're definitely curious. And so many of you have told us over the years about the beautiful jewelry you have at home: vintage heirlooms from loved ones or fun finds from the flea market that would be wonderful in a design, but have been sitting--unworn--for years. And you seemed kinda sad about it. So...we thought we'd pop the question to get the ball rolling! Let's see what's in your jewelry box and find out if we can do anything great with this "forgotten" jewelry so that you can wear and enjoy these heirlooms, rather than letting them gather dust. Besides, we like to see you smile. And smiling with jewelry is even better.

    How does it work?  We created a step-by-step visual aid (see it here!) to walk you through the process, but essentially, you'd order our WIYJB Custom Design Mail-In Kit, send us your jewels, and we'll create something fantastic together from them.

    ~ I'm not a designer...how would I be part of the process? The good news is, we work together, so you're not alone in the designing. AND...we're big believers in the idea that EVERYONE is creative, so we're betting you have some really great ideas that might unfold as we begin the fun of creating something beautiful from your treasures. Whether you have a look through our design archives or scroll around on Pinterest, maybe even putting together a mood board for inspiration, we welcome your contribution wholeheartedly! And if you're not that into it, we'll jump in. You can be as involved as much or as little as you'd like--after all, it's your jewelry!

    ~ What type of jewelry can I send to you?  You're talking to the team that has used salt and pepper shakers in a jewelry design, so we'd hesitate to put limitations here. However, there are a few items that seem to work best for custom designs, and we find costume jewelry is the way to go...we aren't your typical diamonds-emeralds-platinum fine jeweler. (We'll take rhinestones over rubies any day of the week!) Vintage brooches, buckles, charms, chains, beads, earrings, buttons, pendants--you name it, we can probably find a way to repurpose it in a fun and fashionable design for you to wear. And if you're not sure, we're always happy to help you decide on a jewel to send our way for the project.

    ~ How long does the process take?  Once we receive your jewelry in its care package here in the studio, a custom design takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. If you have a specific deadline in mind, we are always glad to accommodate when and where we can--just ask!

    ~ Why is the WIYJB? Mail-In Design Kit $100? The cost of the WIYJB? Kit essentially serves as a non-refundable deposit toward your custom design. It allows us to source materials especially for you and is credited toward the final cost of the creation. If, for some reason, you decide not to proceed with a custom order after purchasing a WIYJB? Custom Care Package, you will receive a $50 merchandise credit with us that does not expire and may be used online or at any of our seasonal trunk shows.

    ~ How much does a custom design cost?  Prices vary depending entirely upon the intricacy of the design and the materials you choose to use in the design, but our custom designs start at $350.

    ~ Can I give the WIYJB? Custom Care Package as a gift?  Of course! How thoughtful of you! We can certainly include a gift note with your purchase (there is an option to do so during the online check-out process) to let the recipient know about the gift, and we would then work with them directly once we received their jewelry. And, the kit arrives as a linen-bound box, wrapped and ready with a beautiful bow, and will be the perfect jewelry box for the finished design once it's complete!

    ~ Is my jewelry safe with you? It is. The Mail-In Kit includes insurance up to $100 (if you'd like to request a larger amount, please let us know before ordering!) and your jewelry is fully insured while in the Elva Fields studio. Your finished creation will be insured for the full cost of the design upon its return to you.

    ~ If I send you multiple pieces, but we only use one in the design, will I get my unused jewelry back? You will...though we'll be sad to see your beautiful jewels go, we'll love knowing that one of them is now a wonderful, wearable design to be treasured for years to come! Who knows? You just might decide to create another design with us down the road, so maybe it won't be goodbye for long.

    ~ Whose jewelry box is featured on the blog post? So glad you asked! It was actually the inspiration for the whole WIYJB? idea several years ago, as it was my great-grandmother Elva Fields's jewelry box, handed down to me with some of her treasured heirlooms inside. 

    Don't see your question answered here? Email us...we love hearing from you!
    Posted by Emily Maynard
  • Derby Dressing

    Posted by Emily Maynard
  • Elva Does Derby : Custom Appointments

    It's officially Derby season in the Elva Fields studio, and we'd love for you to be part of the most wonderful time of year here in the Bluegrass! Whether you'd like the opportunity to shop our jewelry in person or you're more interested in collaborating on a design to complete your look for the track or upcoming gala, a visit to the studio is just the thing!

    We've set up a series of studio appointments on our site, with designated hour-long slots that allow sips and shopping for up to 2 people in our Crescent Hill spot. You'll have the place to yourself/selves and time to browse the ready-to-wear looks we've created or to commission a custom jewel from our collections of beads and vintage finds.

    If you don't see a time that works for you from our listed appointment offerings, choose our "Set A Date" option, and we'll be in touch to find an hour that's a fit for your schedule. 

    We can't wait to see you soon and share in the Derby fun this year!


    Emily and the Elva Gals


    Appointments available here, from April 10th through May 3rd.




    Posted by Emily Maynard