• BH+WL No. 3

    Our third offering in our By Hand + With Love series is a small curated collection of the most beautiful handwoven textiles from West Africa. I've been gathering these for a while (honestly, almost every time I've sourced glass beads over the last 20-plus years from my longtime friend and vendor of African designs who hails from West Africa himself, I added a textile or two to my own collection) and I'm thrilled to share a few with you here! 

    Most of this collection is vintage, though some are more contemporary examples of African fabric. Each is entirely spun, woven, or sewn by hand and dyed with organic materials, all in an ancient tradition by richly talented craftspeople, the result of which is honored and celebrated for its beauty, quality, usefulness, and meaning. Some of these cotton creations hail from Mali, others from the Ivory Coast, and still others from Burkina-Faso. The texture, colors, details, imperfections, and hand-crafted character of each textile tell a remarkable story and bring an authentic artistry to any setting.

    A few ways I enjoy them:

    They can also be turned into pillow covers (with the help of someone who sews!) or even used as upholstery fabric (I have big plans to cover my great-grandmother's sofa with a few of them soon...) hung as a tapestry, or stitched together for a bed coverlet. I'm hopeful you'll appreciate and adore them as I do, and I can't wait to see which ones catch your eye.

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  • Latest Loves



    A few things I'm loving lately:

    1. I heard this live version of a childhood favorite on our amazing local Louisville radio station 91.9 WFPK and had to add it to the latest Elva Fields playlist for some nostalgic listening, along with some other fun songs. 

    2. It's been a while since I've read and finished a book in just a day or two (such an indulgence!) but this one was compelling, captivating, and wholly enjoyable. Like the traditional recipe for which the book is named, I devoured it. (As a bonus, the author curates a playlist at the end of the book to accompany various scenes and characters in her novel, and I couldn't help but add one of her suggested songs to the Elva playlist this month in homage to this wonderful read.)

    3. This dark chocolate bark gets rave reviews and was new to me on my last visit to Trader Joe's. I'm currently hiding the bag on a far shelf in the pantry to keep it all to myself. As it turns out, I may have to hide it even from myself soon enough. 

    4. Though it's billed as an overnight lip mask, I use this goodness as a regular lip gloss day AND night. Thanks to my former sister-in-law who sent it as a holiday gift, my ever-peeling lips are a little less dry and chapped these days.

    5. Two shows I've loved watching lately: one with my kiddos, one without them. Both smart, funny, entertaining, and humanity-at-its-worst-and-best heartwarming. 


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  • Elva Awesome Sale / Valentine's Gifts

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  • RTW / DIY

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  • Valentine Gift Guide


    1. Our colorful charm necklace is such a happy gift for the kiddo in your life...or the young at heart! (It's adjustably-sized for both little ones AND adults!) A throwback to our favorite 80s jewel, this one is joyful and fun.

    2. Vintage brass and gemstones make for a modern-day heirloom necklace that is simple and sweet. 

    3. A one-of-a-kind handmade Elva necklace makes a statement.

    4. Heart-felt statement earrings in black onyx!

    5. Original art that shares the love - hand-painted and cut paper collages make for such special gifts! 

    6. Send a Valentine the snail-mail way - we'll even fill out the message and mail it for you!

    7. A classic locket in gorgeous gold is a treasure for always.

    8. In a twist on tradition, this limited-edition locket holds a sweet note or keepsake in its envelope.

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