• The Tuesday Local


    Local lovely Maizie Clarke has a few delightful designs in StyleBlueprint's Derby Shop and the round-up includes one of my favorite hostess gifts of all time: her horse blanket tea towel.(above) Such a fun gift for a Kentucky friend...or to bring a little bit of the Bluegrass to any occasion.

    With accolades from both Martha Stewart and Southern Living, clearly I'm not the only one who sees astounding beauty in any and every thing designer Jaclyn Journey orchestrates for weddings near and far. When we spied this photo from a recent nuptial celebration in Tennessee, I wanted to don a dress and crash the wedding just to experience it all in person. (Nevertheless, her Instagram feed will have to do...)

    I passed by one of my favorite spots in town, the Crescent Hill branch of the Louisville Free Public Library, on my walk to the studio on a snowy spring day this week and had to stop and smile, admiring the beautiful building. I think libraries are among the most magical places on earth, and the fact that I can just borrow any book I choose FOR FREE and bring it home to read for weeks on end is nothing short of amazing.


    The Tuesday Local is my attempt at a weekly round-up of cool things related to (living/happening/working in/coming from) the great state of Kentucky. More to come next time, friends. In the meantime, cheers to (and from) Kentucky!
    Posted by Emily Maynard