• June in June

    Through Monday June 26th*, all earrings on our site will be just $25 per pair!
    No promo code necessary, prices as marked.
    Happy shopping!
    *sale ends 11:59:59 pm 6.26.17.
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  • Summer Fun : Louisville's Cultural Pass

    If you're anything like me and patching together a mix of child care, camps, and summer fun for your kiddos AND you live here in the lovely land of Louisville, then the Cultural Pass may be just the ticket for you. Like a ticket, it provides entry to some of the best spots in and around town (Bernheim Forest, The Speed Museum, and Actors Theatre just to name a few) and it's entirely free for each registered kiddo and accompanying guardian. (Thanks to the vision and support of the Fund for the Arts, Churchill Downs, Metro Louisville, Arts and Culture Alliance, and--one of my favorite places--the Louisville Free Public Library!) 

    Simply pick up your pass at any Louisville Free Public Library branches or Metro Community Center and enjoy the activity options though August 12th. 

    We've hit a few stops so far, but our first was a trip to Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

    A scavenger hunt sent us all over the property on the hunt for various plants, sculpture, buildings, and landmarks. The kids were fueled by competition and a checklist, I was thrilled to wander and take it all in. 

    The greenhouse's living roof was a spectacular sight, and beauty found at every turn.

    I know we'll be back again, and it was such a treat to visit with our pass this summer. Can't wait to share a few more of our Cultural Pass stops throughout the season!


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  • Summer Collection 2017

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  • One-Day Sale!


    *Happy shopping, friends! Just remember, all sales are considered Final Sale (no returns or exchanges) and sale ends Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 at 11:59:59 pm EST. 

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  • Introducing: Original Art

    I've always loved to paint. Perhaps, unlike cooking, it doesn't skip a generation. My mother is an artist, with a skill so innate I'd swear she was born with a paintbrush in her hand. Or, perhaps it does skip a generation here and there, now that I think about it. My grandmother was a great admirer, supporter, (and collector) of art, but not so keen on the making of it, insisting up until her final years that she was "still looking for her talent." My great-grandmother, however, adored painting, even taking classes throughout her life, and I love that the Elva Fields studio gallery wall shows off a floral still life painted by Elva Fields herself. 

    Somewhere along the line, though, despite my joy in putting brush to paper and canvas, I somehow--and maybe even subconsciously--determined that I had to choose between jewelry and painting as a career path. And, once jewelry was the choice, I convinced myself that any temptation to pursue painting as a business would be nothing short of disaster. Essentially, I built a wide, invisible, dividing-line wall between the two. I painted exclusively for fun: thank-you notes and postcards, gifts for friends, backdrops for photo shoots, doodling in the margins of to-do lists, and rainy-day painting with my daughters. And I've loved it.

    But lately (as in the-last-three-years lately) I've felt a pull to put my painting out there on a larger scale, to a wider audience beyond friends and family.  I largely ignored the instinct, mostly because I'm a huge chicken and also because I was following the unwritten rule I'd made for myself so long ago, and in addition to being a huge chicken, I'm also a very well-behaved rule follower. (Mostly.) I'm also, as it turns out, a gal who follows her heart...even in matters of business; in recent weeks, I've taken a closer look at my position on the separation of gems and paint and realized I could change my mind.  Like an artist's palette, I'm seeing there are shades of gray between the black and white.

    So, I've gathered a small collection of work to share for now--all original works on paper painted in gouache and watercolor that show the start of something new here at Elva Fields. Or, rather, something not-so-new but representative of a more full, vibrant, and--dare I say--authentic Elva Fields. How fitting that the collection makes its debut headed into Mother's Day weekend, an unintentional but timely tribute to the mothers and grandmothers who share and shared their gifts so beautifully with me, and, now with you. 

    Posted by Emily Maynard