• Latest Loves

    A few things I'm loving lately:

    1.  After I saw the beautiful creations Joy Cho of Oh Joy! crafted with this marbling kit, I knew it would be a fun and colorful project for my favorite middle-schooler. (She may be too cool for many things these days, but thankfully not for making art with her mom.) I have so many ideas for our next attempt, and this first try at marbling was a hit. (And there are plenty of materials in the kit for future trials!)

    2.  Tig Notaro has been a favorite of mine since her Taylor Dane bit (I still cry laughing every time) and her new podcast, Handsome, with Fortune Feimster and Mae Martin brings so much laughter and joy to my Tuesdays. 

    3. Speaking of crying (though not crying laughing), that's what I was doing by the end of this beautiful (as the title would suggest) book. In the best way. I love a story of family dynamics, humans making their way among the broken bits of life, and eventually creating and finding their own wholeness.  

    4. I'm so excited to finally have some wearable Elva Fields merch, and especially in honor of our 20th birthday last month! It's my new favorite hat, and you can have one, too! 

    5. Delicious on its own or with bourbon, my most-loved of Modica's superfood goodness in a bottle is the Tart Cherry Old Fashioned (and I don't typically care much for cherry, but this is really great.) Cheers!


    Posted by Emily Maynard
  • Pod Love

    From driving the school drop-off to designing our latest collections, we can often be found putting our favorite tunes on pause for some podcast listening instead. Here's a round-up of our latest listens, categorized by general theme, because we seem to stick to three main wheelhouses: business, heart and soul, and kiddos. (Life, in three parts, really.)


    • How I Built This - on every entrepreneur's list, I am fascinated by the stories behind some of my favorite businesses (from Burt's Bees to barre3)

    • Founders 15 - a conversation between founders of businesses, but focuses more on companies still in the earlier stages of growth, rather than the larger, more established success stories 

    • Second Life - all about the ladies who've had a winding (and often very interesting) road to where they are now, many times across industries and fields, with lots of stories along the way

    Heart and Soul

    • Modern Love - my favorite section of the Sunday New York Times, come to life as read by various accomplished actors

    • Oprah's Super Soul Conversations - Oprah's interviews with deep thinkers, leaders, authors, and interesting people about the meaning of life, who we are, and ideas for more meaningful, authentic connection to the world around us

    •  Terrible, Thanks for Asking - as host Nora McInerny says herself, this podcast is "funny/sad/uncomfortable" which is really just like life, right? Not unusual to laugh/cry/feel a bit awkward in listening to these real-life experiences and stories.

    For the Kiddos (and me, who am I kidding?)

    • Six Minutes - think Jason Bourne for kids. Each episode is (you guessed it) six minutes long, keeping you guessing with twists, turns, and plot-thickening, action-packed developments.

    • The Past and The Curious - we can't get enough of this fun LOCAL TO LOUISVILLE awesomeness that mixes under-appreciated but worth-knowing moments in history with great music, excellent storytelling, and clever, funny bits. Quiz-time is a highlight on the way to school. 

    • WOW in the World - making science and technology incredibly fun and entertaining, we all laugh our way through the wild adventures of Mindy and Guy Raz, never knowing where they might take us.

      Posted by Emily Maynard
    • Our Favorite Podcasts

      I've spent a decent amount of time this fall in the car on a handful of road trips, some with kiddos and some without. While music is my mainstay, I'm also a huge fan of podcasts to pass the time. Whether I'm on the road, cooking, putting together designs in the studio, or washing dishes, here are a few favorites of late:

      - The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel - one for the kids (but I'm a fan, too), it's a serialized story about a smart and curious student and his group of friends as they disappear, one at a time

      - Sincerely, X - a TED talk given anonymously on air rather than on stage, because the nature of their story requires that their identity be withheld 

      - Revisionist History - by Malcolm Gladwell, whose humor and insight is endlessly entertaining and always interesting

      - Homecoming - Obsessed. A story told in a way unlike any I've ever heard before. Add Catherine Keener, and I was sold. David Schwimmer is an incredibly talented surprise in this one, too.

      - On Being with Krista Tippett - I've been listening to this show for years, often on early-morning drives to flea markets with nothing but NPR and coffee to keep me going. I adore the wisdom, honesty, and heart-driven thought in every single interview.

      - Invisibilia - About the forces at work in life that we can't see, I often think for a long time after listening to this one. Fascinating, really.

      -Wow in the World - another one for kiddos, but I learn SO much from these. Because my 8 am biology class in college just didn't stick.

      - The Lively Show - A favorite for years. I'm totally digging her take on "alignment before action," offering ways to find a happier, more fulfilling life that works for each of us.

      - This American Life - because, well, it's awesome.

      - Anna Faris is Unqualified - In full disclosure, I've not yet listened to this one, but it's on my list. Keep you posted.

      Posted by Emily Maynard