From driving the school drop-off to designing our latest collections, we can often be found putting our favorite tunes on pause for some podcast listening instead. Here's a round-up of our latest listens, categorized by general theme, because we seem to stick to three main wheelhouses: business, heart and soul, and kiddos. (Life, in three parts, really.)


  • How I Built This - on every entrepreneur's list, I am fascinated by the stories behind some of my favorite businesses (from Burt's Bees to barre3)

  • Founders 15 - a conversation between founders of businesses, but focuses more on companies still in the earlier stages of growth, rather than the larger, more established success stories 

  • Second Life - all about the ladies who've had a winding (and often very interesting) road to where they are now, many times across industries and fields, with lots of stories along the way

Heart and Soul

  • Modern Love - my favorite section of the Sunday New York Times, come to life as read by various accomplished actors

  • Oprah's Super Soul Conversations - Oprah's interviews with deep thinkers, leaders, authors, and interesting people about the meaning of life, who we are, and ideas for more meaningful, authentic connection to the world around us

  •  Terrible, Thanks for Asking - as host Nora McInerny says herself, this podcast is "funny/sad/uncomfortable" which is really just like life, right? Not unusual to laugh/cry/feel a bit awkward in listening to these real-life experiences and stories.

For the Kiddos (and me, who am I kidding?)

  • Six Minutes - think Jason Bourne for kids. Each episode is (you guessed it) six minutes long, keeping you guessing with twists, turns, and plot-thickening, action-packed developments.

  • The Past and The Curious - we can't get enough of this fun LOCAL TO LOUISVILLE awesomeness that mixes under-appreciated but worth-knowing moments in history with great music, excellent storytelling, and clever, funny bits. Quiz-time is a highlight on the way to school. 

  • WOW in the World - making science and technology incredibly fun and entertaining, we all laugh our way through the wild adventures of Mindy and Guy Raz, never knowing where they might take us.

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