A few things I'm loving lately:

1. Saving space in your toiletry bag and sailing right through TSA in a carry-on are two fantastic reasons to love this shampoo bar, but the fact that its scent is delightful and that it doubles as a body wash are two more checks on the love list. It's joined me on two week-long trips, and mine still has lots of life left. (Thanks, mom, for such a great Christmas gift!) 

2. An account I follow on Instagram (I cannot for the life of me remember who posted this!)  just referenced this brilliant blog post about saving kids artwork, and I can't wait to document my overflowing backlog of kiddo creations from their grade-school years. And, let's be honest, my teenagers are still making things with which I have trouble (and guilt) parting, so I may have multiple volumes on order for each of my children.

3. Our latest Spotify playlist, complete with a new favorite from Waxahatchee and an old favorite from Mary Chapin Carpenter...and a few more tunes to welcome springtime.

4. I've never read anything quite like North Woods by Daniel Mason, and it is wholly different in the very best of ways; the writing and story are inventive, curious, stunningly clever, and entirely fascinating. Layers of life and history and time and place pulled me in from the start, and I hated to see it end, though I've taken it along with me ever since.

5. On a recent trip to the Caribbean, I had the absolute pleasure of a food tour in Antigua's capital city, St. John's. Everything we tasted was delicious and everyone we met was delightful, and a highlight (in addition to our wonderful guide Tracy Anne) was learning to make an Old Fashioned Rum Punch. Not the bright pink syrupy confection with grenadine and pineapple juice you may be thinking of - this was the OG of rum punches that is full of rich flavor from spices and fresh citrus. This blog post I found shares a recipe that is VERY close to the one we learned in class - and we added some mint and a twist of lemon peel for garnish. Might be my new warm-weather cocktail.




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