• Fall Fashion

    A few fun fashion pairings from our Fall Collection! (Click on each image for details.)








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  • Pre-Fall / Pre-Sale

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  • Save the Date : Instagram-Exclusive Sale


    Our First-Ever Instagram-Only Sale

    on The Elva Awesome

    Tuesday, July 10th

    9 p.m. EST


    Okay, here's the story: we're moving the studio (!) so our photography set-up and jewelry inventory will be packed away for a bit, but we didn't want to spend the whole month of July keeping you waiting for new jewels...

    So, we thought we'd try something new for our next update of necklaces, earrings, and fun finds (and maybe even some old favorites that we'll offer at great sale prices!) and share it all on The Elva Awesome on Instagram!

    Here's how it'll work (if it goes according to plan - which is, as we all know, hilarious, because, well, life):

    - We'll start posting items at 9 pm EST on July 10th on our Elva Awesome feed.

    - Follow The Elva Awesome on Instagram to see what's for sale (you can turn on notifications for us if you're really ambitious!)

    - The first to comment SOLD and DM their email address for each item will be the winner of that item. 

    - We'll send an invoice to the email provided. If the invoice isn't paid within 24 hours, the item will be offered to the next bidder in line for the item. 

    - We've never done this before, so bear with us...but we think this will be a fun and fresh way to enjoy Elva, and then we'll likely be back to more regular sharing on the site once the new studio is settled. 

    Definitely feel free to be in touch with any questions, and we'll look forward to the fun on the 10th! See you then!

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  • Because We Are All Connected

    We're all connected, one to another as humans in this life experience. Our love knot earrings symbolize our in-this-together-ness and will offer half of their retail price to help others in need, specifically young children separated from their families at the border. Through Together Rising, every $10 we donate will help reunite these families thanks to the tireless work of organizations like the Florence Project and KIND who navigate the legal system on behalf of immigrant children.

    Based on a vintage design and being produced in small batches for us, we'll have a limited edition collection of 50 of each style (sterling silver over brass or 14 karat gold over brass) available to ship in mid-August. If we sell all of these earrings, we'll be able to make a contribution of $1000 toward making a difference in devastating circumstances, and these earrings may perhaps be a symbol of connectedness AND hope when we need it most. 

    Thank you for considering joining us in helping love others well. Together we can do great things, friends.

    Shop the earrings here.

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  • June in June

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