Our Fall Collection theme, palette & pattern, came from a recent return to our love of painting.  We pulled out the brushes from their spot in storage about a year or so ago and began playing with color and composition and pattern. We found ourselves curled up on the couch or taking a break in the studio, creating little snippets in bright hues--stripes, layers, dots, swirls, florals, geometric gatherings. All whimsical and cathartic and fun. 

They may become postcards, wallpaper, gift wrap, or framed art someday...or they may end up as none of those things, but entirely meaningful as part of our creative process. In the meantime, they became the inspiration for our latest jewels and the backdrops for our fall photo shoots.  Each background you see in the images we use in our fall campaign was hand painted by yours truly, and we hope you like the jewelry (and the painted goodness!) as much as we enjoyed creating it all for you. 

Happy Fall, friends!



 P.S. You can follow along with our painting adventures on Instagram, by following #elvapaints!  

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