• Save These Dates!

    With the hopes of moving onward and upward in this new year (and not just with a trite statement - doing the work along the way, too) I'm stirring up some beauty and fun in the studio for goodness and joy that we can actually put on the calendar!

    Our first Elva Awesome sale of 2021 kicks off on Wednesday January 20th and will feature some STUNNING handcrafted items from a team of jewelers in India that was due to arrive in December, but missed our holiday releases when shipments were delayed. The sale will also have happy hinting-at-Valentine's designs, some really great vintage finds from recent estate sales and auctions, and all at amazing prices. Join me then (9pm EST on the @elvaawesome on Instagram) if surprises, fast-paced-but-all-in-good-fun bidding, and evening shopping are your jam.

    Early next month, on Wednesday February 3rd, I'll launch the very first collection of 2021 on this website! I don't want to give too much away, but look for some really fun designs in a new-to-me material (SOOOO excited for this!) that will be PERFECT for kiddos OR for the kid-at-heart, a small-batch or two of gorgeous gemstone earrings, sweet nothings for yourself or your favorite peeps in time for Valentine's Day (most under $25!), a few joyful ju-jus, and, as always, some one-of-a-kind Elva necklaces!

    Thanks for following along and hope to see you in the coming weeks for the lovelies I have in store for you. Keep your chin up, beautiful friends, and see you soon!

    XO Emily

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  • Onward & Upward

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  • You Are Appreciated!

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  • Local Louisville Pick-Up / Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

    Louisville friends, for the first time EVER we're offering local pick-up for your holiday gift orders! Here's how it works:

    1. Place your order online on our website.

    2. At checkout, select LOCAL PICKUP from the shipping options.

    3. Wait to receive an email from us to arrange a time and date (slots will be available through Wednesday 12.23) and instructions for your pick-up order.

    4. Pick up your order from our Crescent Hill front porch!

    Still have questions? Email us - we're happy to help!


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  • Bright [gift] Ideas : 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

    1. What's In Your Jewelry Box? Mail-In Design Kit / Send unworn but much-loved heirloom jewels our way for a refresh and re-design to create a one-of-a-kind gem just for the recipient of this beautiful boxed kit.

    2. Vintage Glass Charm Necklace / Choose from several designs (including this lucky ladybug and happy elephant) in Czech glass on gilt brass chain.

    3. 3-in-1 Mask/Glasses/Necklace Chain / A triple-threat of awesome, these colorful Indian glass beads can keep a mask or a pair of glasses at the ready...or become a fun necklace addition to your accessories arsenal.

    4. Note Card Set / Send and share the love with these luxe folded cards with encouraging, thoughtful design.

    5. Gemstone and Pearl Earrings / Petaled pretties in freshwater pearl and your choice of amethyst, moonstone, carnelian, turquoise, or labradorite, all set in 18 karat gold vermeil. 

    6. Bangle Bracelets / Hand-carved and polished agate is stunning and stylish in shades of blush and gray. 

    7. Gift Cards / Digital delivery in any amount - let them choose for themselves with this effortless but meaningful gift.

    8. Stud Earrings / Our gemstone and pearl stud earrings arrive in one of these joyful hand-woven fair-trade boxes from Ecuador.

    9. Elva Fields Necklace / Choose from several designs in our collection, an Elva necklace is entirely one of a kind, using vintage and antique materials to make a stylish statement.

    10. Beaded Bangle / Each handmade golden brass wire bangle shows off a lovely line-up of beads, from green ceramic or dalmatian jasper to freshwater pearl or black onyx.

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