• On the Big Screen

    It's an Elva Fields first and we couldn't be happier:  our jewels are featured in the hilarious romantic comedy What's Your Number? starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans!  The beautiful and talented Blythe Danner plays Anna Faris's mother in the film, and we were over the moon about seeing our necklaces on her (and on the big screen!)  They seem the perfect accessory with a bit of flash for her classic, tailored style, and we cannot thank the team enough for the inclusion.  (Want to own a piece of cinematic history?  See two of the necklaces featured here and here for sale on our site!)

    (And...besides going to see the film in theaters now, you MUST check out the book on which the movie is based--20 Times A Lady by brilliant author Karyn Bosnak!  We're off to get ourselves a copy now...)

    Posted by Emily Maynard
  • Friends and Family: The Photographer Series


    We're happy to introduce our latest friend-photographer in the blog spotlight...Anna Jones!  Among other things, Anna and I have one important thing in common:  our significant others (who are great friends) have a significant (unhealthy?) obsession with fishing and hunting.  So not only did we feel a serious kinship right off the bat, we both know the joys of weekends to ourselves, leaving all the more time to pursue our respective passions.  For Anna, this is no doubt photography, and though it is now her full-time career, the love and excitement for the craft she discovered in the high school dark room has not waned.

    Anna is three years into a successful and growing career with OMS Photography in Cincinnati (after graduating from Ohio University with a B.A. in Commercial Photography) where she works as an Onsite Photographer shooting specifically for HomeMadeSimple, a web-based publication and television show featuring recipes, crafts, home decor, and party inspirations.  Working in a renovated firehouse studio, Anna creates beauty shots of her assignments that are published on HomeMadeSimple.com, viewed by millions of subscribers every day.  (Of whom we are now one...and guessing you will be, too, after you have a look!)

    Her day job (lucky for us!) allows her a bit of creative freedom, so Anna also has a photography site of her own, and a recent project has us equally green with envy and blown away by her beautiful talent.  A photographer friend enlisted Anna's help with his wedding (which she says was an honor and privilege--doing what she loves, documenting two amazing people start their life together, AND being paid to do so) and Anna found herself in Maui to shoot the celebration among family and friends.  Below are a few of the moments she captured in Hawaii this past June...and you'll find even more on her website.  Stunning!

    When we asked Anna to photograph a pair of earrings from our Fall Collection, we knew the vintage ivory and brass drops were a wonderful fit for her...and also, as it turns out, for her neighbor Jenny, who was enlisted as the model for the shoot.  They both live in the Mansion Hill District of Newport, Kentucky, a historic neighborhood filled with winding streets, centuries-old homes, and hidden alley-entranced gardens, and after a morning of mimosas and a bit of overgrown garden "borrowing," a photo shoot was born!  (Anna also incorporated a favorite bone-bead necklace--a perfect fit for the ivory dangles!)

    One of the things Anna says she loves best about photography and portraiture is capturing a subject's personality so that she can look back and remember who they were at that time in their life.  No doubt this will be the case with these fun and carefree "capturings" (especially above!)

    With our maiden name, we'll love Anna forever for the image above--absolutely gorgeous!  Many thanks to Anna for her beautiful work and effort...and can't wait to see more from you!  (When are those boys going fishing again?)

    [all photos courtesy of Anna Jones]

    Posted by Emily Maynard
  • Gifted and Talented

    Those of you who've shopped the site since our Fall Collection launch might have noticed a fun little something extra enclosed with your jewels upon arrival.  We hope you've loved the unexpected gift with purchase--we loved planning the surprise!  

    Here's the full story on the fun:  With each purchase over $100, we decided to include one of four limited-edition art prints exclusively created for our Fall 2011 Collection.  Two are prints of watercolors (one pictured above) designed and painted by Deborah Wheat--yes, sweet mama of Deb Collection fame!  (Though we think she's most famous for a multitude of other things...among them being a fantastically talented and creative artist.)  She came up with a couple of paintings this season and has MUCH more in store to see...but more on that soon.

    The other two prints are of beautiful photographs (one seen above) taken by the immensely gifted photographer Jessie Kriech Higdon of Kriech-Higdon Photography during our Fall Collection photo shoot last spring.  

    Without sounding too much like a cereal commercial, we do hope you'll collect all four of these beauties...we won't circulate them again, and we'll have a whole new round of inclusions come Holiday time...enjoy!

    Posted by Emily Maynard
  • Friends and Family: The Photographer Series

    Our latest Friends & Family photographer feature takes us West amongst the gorgeous deserts of Arizona.  (We love all of the fun and far-flung places our jewelry enjoys traveling!)  Though Lauryn Bushman currently makes her home closer to our neck o' the woods here in Kentucky (more on that front in a bit) her life takes her hither, there, and yon, and we loved that she took time out of her wedding countdown this month to shoot a few pics of our Art Deco glass drops from the Fall Collection.

    Lauryn's love of beauty (she's a self-declared seeker of beautiful details...whether finding symmetry in nature, a colorful pattern, or the way light bounces off of different surfaces, no matter how gritty or pristine the surroundings) and her international adventures (childhood in Asia, travels around the globe, education in California, and a career in New York) contribute heartily to her passion for capturing this beauty on camera.   A few of Lauryn's images below...and more gorgeous glimpses on her website.

    Though trained as an industrial designer (and following a stint with Michael Kors Eyewear) her most recent adventure in the Bluegrass State is allowing her to explore her photographic pursuits and interests, as her fiancé Tyler, a chef, will be opening Rye, a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky later this fall.  Throughout the menu tasting process, Lauryn has documented the recipes (with both camera AND stomach!) and the results for both food and art are bound to be fantastic.  

    Until we can make a reservation, we're loving Lauryn's interpretation of a favorite earring style amidst the desert beauty out West...the lush, rich colors of succulents and gorgeously textured surfaces suit the Art Deco glass beautifully, a feast for the eyes!  Many thanks to Lauryn for her beautiful pictures, and happy wedding weekend soon!

    Posted by Emily Maynard
  • All about Fall

    It's both formal and casual, on-the-go and laid-back, polished and rustic...all of these dualities are at play in both our lives and in fashion.  The juxtaposition of a little bit of uptown and a touch of country living exists in us all. 

    Posted by Emily Maynard