Next up in our "Meet the Elva Gals" series is the youngest of our group, Lauren.  She, along with her older sister Sydney, started helping us after school last year, wrapping and packing the jewels for shipping and stringing necklaces when there just didn't seem to be enough hands to make it all happen. They inevitably arrived at the studio with some hilarious report from the cafeteria or classroom, and we so enjoyed the youthful vibe they contributed to the atmosphere at Elva.  (Truth be told, they are our daughters' favorite babysitters--between the cats, candy, and endless movie selections...not to mention a trampoline...these gals know how to win a toddler's heart!)  

This year, as a Junior at the local high school, Lauren continues to bring her cheerful, easy-going attitude to our team and approaches every task in the studio with ease and a smile.  Chances are, if you've ever ordered some jewels from us, Lauren has tied the ribbon bow, added a sticker, and sent it on its merry way to you!  We love having her as part of our tiny team, and we loved her gorgeous profile  photograph...and not just because she looks amazing in our Holiday Collection vintage black glass earrings...she's a stunning gal inside and out.  We also loved her simple and heartfelt take on her arrangement of the jewelry for her holiday photo more about Lauren and what the holidays mean to her below.  Enjoy!

Nickname?  Gabrielle; it's my middle name, only my sister calls me that, though.

Hometown? My whole life I've grown up in this "awesome" place called Spencer County!

Most memorable concert?  Backstreet Boys, the only concert I've ever seen.

Favorite candy? Reese's, they're the best!

Movie you could watch 100 times?  Nacho Libre, I know every line and can sing all the songs. It's so stupid it's funny.

Dream destination for a solo adventure? Hawaii, who wouldn't want to go there?

Best book you read growing up?  The Great Gatsby. It never ended like I thought it would but it was so good and I'm so excited for the new movie to come out.

Museum, movie, or nap on a free afternoon?  Nap, definitely a nap.

Cherished childhood hiding spot? Mine and Sydney's playhouse outside at our old house.

Your best recipe (or best version of someone else's?)  Pots de Creme.

Favorite quote? "I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much."

Best thing about Elva so far?  The people there! They're all so awesome and I'm so glad I work in such a wonderful environment.

Tell us a bit about the photo you styled for the Holiday shoot.  Every year before we go to bed on Christmas Eve my family goes to my room and reads the Christmas story together by candlelight, and at the end we hold hands and pray.

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