Last, but absolutely not least, in our "Meet the Elva Gals" series is Amy, a beautiful gal with some seriously stylish smarts--she arrived at the studio this fall with a degree in fashion and retail management, and we couldn't be happier about it!  Her retail management experience brings a new element to the mix (we can't wait to see what else she can teach us about organization and efficiency in the New Year...dorky but true) and her creative skills in graphic design and photography have added whimsy and fun to our Elva efforts.  (She's the gal behind our first-ever Holiday Gift Guide and this season's art card design we include with every purchase of $100 or more.)

Her warmhearted smile and cheerful demeanor are such an easy, welcome presence in the studio, and she's quickly become a part of our little Elva family that we can't imagine was ever anything other than what it is now.  We look forward to seeing Amy's talents grow, and we know you'll enjoy her contributions, too.  (Chances are, you've received an email or two from her already if you've shopped with us recently!)

Amy effortlessly paired our vintage glass scarab earrings (that red is amazing!) with a simple black blouse, and we all adore her interpretation of a meaningful holiday in her photograph below that features the jewels.  The perfect blend of sweet, sentimental, and creative...just like Amy!  And now, folks, her interview:

Nickname? Amers

Hometown? Cincinnati

Most memorable concert? Brand New, one of mine and my brother's favorite bands. They rarely ever tour and he and I rarely get to go to concerts together. Not sure if it was the music (don't get me wrong, it was an awesome performance) or all of the other factors that made it so memorable. Either way, hands down best concert.

Favorite candy? Skittles

Movie you could watch 100 times? It depends on my mood. Garden State is always the go to..but then again The Hangover makes me laugh equally as much, if not more, every time I watch it.

Dream destination for a solo adventure? Estonia, to visit my dear friend Kadri.

Best book you read growing up? I found 1984 by George Orwell very interesting when reading it in high school.

Museum, movie, or nap on a free afternoon? Nap, for sure.

Your best recipe? Homemade chicken noodle soup

Favorite quote? “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde

Best thing about Elva so far? Being around such creativity everyday, it's so inspiring.

Tell us a bit about the photo you styled for the Holiday Collection: Growing up we always left milk and cookies out on Christmas Eve for Santa. I always enjoyed waking up Christmas day to find a bite out of a cookie, or crumbs leftover. This is definitely a tradition I will carryout in my family when I have children. 

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  • Posted On December 18, 2012 by Shirley Van de Pas

    Sweet ,Amy is amazing , grew up with a mind of her own ,very caring and loving , the things Amy loves most is kids ,am so proud of Amy love Granny

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