Today we're introducing our third Elva Gal in the series, our "OG" of the group, Jessica!  Having started with the studio almost two years ago, she's seen many a change at Elva (we won't bore you with the details of tiny one-room studios and public library internet connections) and has remained a steady presence along the way.  With experience in everything from retail to real estate, cosmetics to candles, it is her open, hopeful, and creative approach to life and learning that brought her to our team.  She is passionate about creating, is the reigning queen of Pinterest and the blogosphere, and has a love of flea markets and estate sales that keeps her exploring each weekend of the year.  (And we thought we were addicted!)

Jess is certainly the mama of our little group, offering kind and thoughtful help, advice, and suggestions on any topic on the table: (we cover a lot of ground on chatty days in the studio) relationships, ailments, vacation destinations, reading recommendations, recipes, and musical insight.   She has wonderful ideas and big dreams, and she has brought them all to us at Elva...and we're all the better for it.  

We adored Jess's whimsical pairing of a bright, chartreuse cardigan with our vintage glass tulip drop earrings (how amazing are they together?!) and loved even more her photograph of the jewels amongst a collection of vintage Elva gal tried and true.

Friends, meet Jess!

Nickname?  Jess, Jec, Honey and Mommy

Hometown?  I grew up in Versailles, Ky and have lived in Shelbyville, Ky for almost 13 years

Most memorable concert?  My son is in a band, so probably his first concert. I was a nervous wreck and was amazed that he could stand up there in front of  a small crowd and sing and play guitar. A proud day indeed. Other than that probably the most fun was The B-52s and The Violent Femmes...this whole answer just dated me, huh?

Favorite candy? Violet Crumbles..from Australia. The whole family is obsessed.

Movie you could watch 100 times?  "Gone With The Wind"...and anything involving zombies.  They really should combine the two!

Dream destination for a solo adventure? Paris!

Best book you read growing up? First chapter books. The Laura Ingalls Wilder series.

Museum, movie, or nap on a free afternoon?  Movie.  Museums are family time. Naps are nice, too.

Cherished childhood hiding spot? My closet...I played in there for hours. It was my imaginary single-girl apartment.

Your best recipe (or best version of someone else's?)  My mother's cheese grits.

Favorite quote? "Art washes from the soul the dust of every day life." -Picasso

Best thing about Elva so far?  As the mother of three boys, the best thing about Elva for me is the time I get to spend with the fabulous women I work with.  Lots of laughter, hard work and creativity here.  Making jewelry and being amazed every day by the beautiful vintage elements and beads that come together to make something so stunning and unique.  I am so thrilled to be a part of the process, and I am incredibly blessed that I get to do something that I love.

Tell us a bit about the photo you styled for the Holiday shoot.
I love things that have a history. I love antiquing, picking, and repurposing my finds. The vintage ornaments have a faded patina that gives such soft color, but the stripes and patterns give a youthful vibe. I love that blend. To me it represents the blending of family and friends, young and old. That is what makes my holiday merry and bright.

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