As many of our customers know, we love a fun surprise here at Elva Fields...especially one that brings a smile to the face.  And our love for art is no secret, either--it's an Elva "must" without fail.  Combine these two, and, voila--an artful surprise.  One afternoon last year, we decided to sneak in a little something extra in our boxes of necklaces--sure, it's fun to part the tissue and see your jewels waiting happily in their bow-bedecked box, but why not toss in a little something unexpected, too?  

We batted a few ideas about (we'll spare you the random and hilarious brainstorming session that ensued) and decided that a beautiful card--a limited-edition art print--would be a welcome and smile-inducing gift to include.  In seasons past, we've had a few artists create the design, and this spring we partnered with a fabulous printmaker and graphic designer to visually interpret a quote we imagined from our Spring Collection theme, Living History.  

A Vintage Poster was certainly up to the task and beautifully captured exactly what we had in mind (or dreamed...and never could have done ourselves!)  She is one talented gal, and we think you'll be thrilled to know that she has a store...chock-full of fabulous prints with the most fun phrases, doodles, and designs.  (And, yes...she'll even customize something wonderful just for you!)  And if you scroll on down, you'll even enjoy a bit of a bonus for the ol' pocketbook...absolutely worth the browsing.

Enjoy! (and stay tuned for more surprises to come!)

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