They've been fans from the start--the Clodhoppers gals (Kelly and Kathy, the owners, and their extended "family" of lovely ladies who have at one time or another been part of the fantastic shop) took a liking to Elva Fields and haven't given up on us yet!  It all started about eight and a half years ago (yikes...that long, really?) when a dear friend, who worked there at the time, wore one of our earliest creations to the shop.  After the Clods gals asked where she got it, Elva Fields soon became a regular addition to the glass cases on display on Bardstown Road.  We were ecstatic to have landed in such lovely and stylish surroundings at Clodhoppers--they're the leading ladies of the local shopping scene, having been a boutique for women since 1993, starting first with shoes and expanding into clothing and other accessories soon after.   (And we have to give them full props for their mention in Southern Living this week!)

Fast forward to their beautiful spot in Saint Matthews in the space formerly occupied by the legendary Vogue Theatre, and we're still in the vitrines, loving our longstanding connection with such savvy, dedicated, and sincere women.  They've given us everything from our start in the Louisville fashion market to advice on raising daughters (one of the owners even handed down a crib and changing table when our first daughter was born...thank you again and again, Kathy!) and insights on owning a business.  

We think the world of the entire Clodhoppers team, which is why we asked them to take part in our Spring Collection photo shoot this past fall.  Meggie Graham McMahon, who is quite possibly the kindest and most adorable boutique manager on the planet, agreed to join in the fun, and we were thrilled to have her with us for the day.  She's beautiful inside and out...and rocked some Elva with an assortment of gorgeous ensembles from the Clodhoppers collections.   (See her below?  GORGEOUS, right?)

We had a chance to catch up with Meggie amidst the flurry of spring shopping (it is high Derby season around here) and asked her a few questions...below she dishes on Derby dressing, a love of fashion, and her favorite part about working with fabulous women.  (And, Meggie, thank you again for being such a wonderful model for us...and for getting Elva on the necks of some glamourous gals this time of year.  See you soon!)

Emily/Elva Fields:  When did you first begin your Clodhoppers adventure?  Were you a customer before you were an assistant?

Meggie/Clodhoppers:  I would walk into Clodhoppers on Bardstown Road when I was in high school and just admire all of the beautiful clothes... I could only admire.  My mom took me into the store right before high school graduation and bought me two dresses for the festivities, and I was absolutely ecstatic!  I still have the two--just can't let go of them.  I started working at Clodhoppers in the summer of '07, right after I graduated from the University of Kentucky.  I don't think they'll ever be able to get rid of me! 

EF:  What is your favorite thing about being part of the fun at Clodhoppers?

M:    I love love love helping people find their perfect little black dress or favorite pair of blue jeans. I also love all of the girls I work with. We are like one big happy family.

EF:  What are some of your favorite labels featured at the shop?

M:    Milly (of course), JBrand Jeans, Lauren Moffatt, Alice & Trixie...

EF:   How would you describe your style in five words or less?

M:    Eclectic, Timeless, Trendy, Comfy, funky- it completely is based on my mood that day!

EF:  Working in a boutique can be a dangerous proposition for the pocketbook (and paycheck!) do you prioritize your purchases from the store?  Are there particular items you are most excited to invest in than others each season?

M:    If I absolutely love something, I snag it (like the many Elva Fields necklaces and earrings I've collected over the years- you gotta get those quickly!)  If I'm not positive about something, I'll wait a week, and if it's still around and I'm still dreaming about it, I'll get it. This method actually works well for my pocketbook because we only order a select amount of a style in, so they usually go quickly. I get to live vicariously through our customers, too. Sometimes I'm more excited when I help them find the perfect outift than even myself.  Derby season is a great opportunity to do this.

EF:  As you mentioned, it's Derby week here in Kentucky--do you have any go-to style tips for ladies headed to the track or to a fun party for the occasion?  

M:   Anything goes for Derby! I always love a colorful Derby fit, but then also get really excited when someone chooses to go a different route and wear a more muted palette or an understated, simple and elegant outfit.

EF:  Lastly, just for those Derby dressers...hat, fascinator, or (gasp) neither?

M:   Fascinator! 

Clodhoppers at the Vogue

3727 Lexington Road

Louisville, Kentucky 40207


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