With all that free time they have, we thought we'd ask our April Leading Ladies, Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner of Cool Mom Picks, a few questions--between television appearances, book publications, a phenomenal website, blogs, six children between them, and a life somewhere in there, surely they had a minute to spare for chit-chat, right?

We loved getting to know both of them through our design collaboration and once the jewelry was complete, we had a chance to catch up on the rest of their stories.  Enjoy!

Emily/Elva Fields: How did the two of you initially meet?

Kristen: We actually met on the Internet through our personal blogs, Motherhood Uncensored and Mom 101. It's a true Internet love story of sorts.  I love that Liz has a way of making everything look cool. She's one of those people who could turn a Target t-shirt into a fashion statement. Also, she's a secret blackjack shark. 

Liz:  Kristen was one of the first people to comment on my blog in 2006.  I was starstruck.  We connected very quickly and soon after Kristen had this awesome idea to start a little blog to promote the small businesses and crafts we were seeing from other bloggers, and talk about the products we love. We never imagined Cool Mom Picks would grow into what it’s become.  As for Kristen, she’s the most amazing business partner you can imagine.  She is a total roll-up-her-sleeves, get-it-done kind of gal. All while raising four incredible kids, keeping a sense of humor, and looking good doing it. Because of this, I forgive her for making me look really short next to her on TV.

Emily:  What is the best parenting advice (solicited or otherwise!) you've ever received?

Kristen: Parent the kids you have. Also, peanut butter does wonders for gum in the hair. 

Liz: My mother told me to always remember that every decision as a parent you make is right, and every decision you make as a parent is wrong.  She’s brilliant.

Emily:  You unexpectedly have the afternoon off--what do you do?

Kristen: I head straight for the gym. Which is code for "shoe store." 

Liz: I’m not entirely sure what an afternoon off is, but in my dreams I’d spend it naked, face down on a massage table, followed by an obnoxiously long lunch at an outdoor café with my girlfriends.  I’d be dressed for that part though.

Emily:  How would each of you describe your Cool Mom style in five words or less?

Kristen: Funky with a classic edge. 

Liz: NYC chic with an indie touch

Emily:  Where in your neck of the woods would you wear your new Elva?

Kristen: I've been wearing it everywhere except for bed. 

Liz: It’s so gorgeous with every neckline, from tees to tank dresses. It’s already getting a looooot of use.

Emily:  Any other Elva Fields items catch your eye for other Cool Moms out there? 

Liz: I never leave the house without earrings. The beaded hoops would make even a tee and jeans look polished but I could wear them at night as well.  I also like the new turquoise earrings, like the vintage Czech glass flowers which would get a lot of play all summer.

Kristen: The Growing Balance necklace is just amazing--perfect for all the beautiful colorblocking this year. How cool would it be with a yellow dress and a hot pink bag?

See?  We knew we liked these ladies.  For more of their top picks and witty banter, get thee over to Cool Mom Picks...you'll be a lot cooler if you do.

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