We're thrilled you're loving our lovely ladies featured in the Holiday Collection photo shoot...friends and family are beautiful people inside and out...and since so many of you were curious about who these wonderful women are, we thought we'd give you a glimpse of what makes them so special.  (Just a peek, though!)

First up is dear childhood friend Elizabeth Liebschutz-Roettger...among many other things (we won't elaborate) we call her "Beth" and since we've known one another since middle school, we'll spare you the forever-long stories and cut right to her charmed but very busy life today.  Enjoy!  (And, Beth, thank you dear friend for taking part!)

Emily:  Not only do you have the most interesting last name of my friends, I think you'll have the most initials following it as well (soon!)...tell me a bit more about what you're studying, writing, researching these days?

Beth:  Hopefully I will eventually get those letters--at the moment it seems a bit daunting!  I am working on my PhD in Education Policy with a focus in Higher Education.  My dissertation topic will eventually be on study abroad and student persistence.  Basically, we know that when a student studies abroad in college they are more likely to persist to graduation, and what I want to learn more about is why.  Students who study abroad show greater maturity and focus on their academics upon their return, so as a field, we want to learn more about the positive effects it has on the student as a whole.

E:  And in the midst of volunteering countless hours, being a wife, a new mother, AND having a successful career...what's your secret?

B:  Pretzel M&Ms and rock n' roll!  Seriously though, I am a person who is totally re-energized by others.  I love my family and friends and I have a great career.  My husband and adventurous 18-month-old son keep me on my toes and are so supportive, as is the rest of my family.  I am also fortunate to have so many amazing and talented friends that inspire me.  Although, I will admit, I do love to take walk with my ipod (and I might be prone to rocking out a little) and a good book.

E:  You have such a fantastic heritage with a Catholic mother and Jewish father...what are some of your favorite holiday traditions from growing up with both Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations?

B:  I have lots of special memories observing Jewish holidays with my brother, sister and dad.  A few years ago I was home and my brother called so my dad could recite the Hanukkah prayers for my niece over the phone.  I want to share those same memories with my own son.  I hope that he cherishes the different traditions as much as I do.  My Mom does a great job of making the holidays special (although she leaves Hanukkah up to my Dad.) I find Christmas and Hanukkah so much more fun now as I share it with my son, niece and nephews.

E:  Have you started any new traditions with your own family?

B:  Want to see my husband act like a school kid?  Stockings!  He loves them.  It cracks me up.  We still run back and forth between Lexington and Danville [Kentucky] visiting our families while everyone is town over the holidays.  However, the night before we leave, our little family spends the evening together and we go through our stockings.

{image from Crate and Barrel}

E:  What's tops on your list this year (besides a PhD?)

B:  Well, if I've been good, then I have my eyes on a pair of Frye boots.  And what woman wouldn't want a little more jewelry (and Elva is always so nice!)?  However, I would say my real Christmas and Hanukkah gifts are coming in the form of an already ordered Terravida table and Lowe chairs from Crate and Barrel for the dining room in our new house.

E:  Ok, you're headed to work...but a party right after...which Elva Fields Holiday Collection earrings do you wear?

B: The pearlized briolette clusters are so classy.  And I love that they are super feminine.  They are sophisticated for work and will dazzle at parties.

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