Though we call her our cousin, the term is not technically correct.  If we must be official, we'll state for the record that she's married to our cousin...but--regardless of technicalities--we love calling Rebecca family, so cousin it is!   More importantly, jewelry-desiging cousin! (How fun to have TWO jewelry connections in the family...we are hot commodities this time of year!)  

Rebecca founded Rebecca Hook Jewelry in 2008 and has quickly gained following in boutiques nationwide with her delicately detailed designs in sterling and gold vermeil.  (They are beautiful!)  We snagged a few moments of her time after taking part in our photo shoot to hear more about her jewels and her take on holiday traditions.

{all images courtesy Rebecca Hook Jewelry}

Emily:  What is your favorite thing about being a designer?

Rebecca: I love that there are endless possibilities when designing a piece of jewelry.  I gather inspiration from a variety of places and the ability to translate those things into wearable art is incredible.  I was exposed to the jewelry industry from a young age working with my parents' company in Orlando, Florida.  This is exactly what I have always pictured doing.  

E:  How do you balance work, family, and friends...especially as a new mama?

R:  As a business owner you must learn to multi-task.  There are always so many things to get done and not enough time.  I don’t get too stressed out when things pile up.  

E:  What is your favorite holiday tradition--in your family or ours?

R:  During Thanksgiving Dinner, I asked every person at the table explain what they are thankful for.  It was great to see an emotional side of the Hook family.  Also, for the last several years my family in Florida has opted out of a gift exchange.  It is now a tradition to write a letter to someone in the family and read it aloud on Christmas Eve.  Last year all the adults wrote letters to their spouses and the kids wrote letters to their siblings.  It is always a special night (that my husband likes to call a cry fest.)

E: What do you love about the holidays in Kentucky after warmer ones in Florida and Charleston?  

R: Although I do miss running around in my flip flops, I still get so excited when it snows.  I think this Christmas in particular will be very special because I have a little one to enjoy it with.

Becky with baby Harlin at our Holiday photo shoot!

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