For a gift that gives wholeheartedly, we'd love for you to consider our vintage glitter lucite drops this holiday.  These limited-edition lovelies have the honor of offering $10 of their $30 purchase price to Backpack Buddies of Spencer County, whose mission is to provide food and snacks to children in our rural community, many of whom depend on the local school cafeterias for most of their meals.  

By sending these underprivileged children home with a bag of fresh fruit, cereal, or soup each Friday of the school year, Backpack Buddies is making a worthwhile, crucial difference in the lives of nearly 200 students, and for less than $3 per child per weekend, your donation is a more than a meaningful contribution--it's life-changing.

By the way, we'll gift-wrap the glittery gems in our signature packaging and include a note about the donation...and, yes, the shipping's on us, too!   Enjoy!

*To learn more about Elva Fields' partnership with Backpack Buddies, click here. 

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