We're celebrating this holiday season with the most stylish surroundings of all--our friends and family!   We gathered some of our nearest and dearest* to toast the tinsel and twinkle of the most wonderful time of year, adorned them in our jewels (not that they needed any additional sparkle...these ladies are the loveliest!) and did what we do best: enjoyed some time together.   Laughing, listening, gifting, munching, clinking, and clapping...it was the most fun, and a reminder of what the season is all about.  Jewelry is fantastic, but nothing beats meaningful moments with those you love.  So here's to love, life, and laughter this holiday season and beyond...with maybe a jewel or two mixed in for good measure...and many memories with friends and family to come!

See and shop the full collection here.

*Please note that due to scheduling and logistical situations, we were not able to feature ALL of the fabulous ladies in our life...if they weren't so talented, busy, adventurous, amazing, and wonderful, the demands on their time and presence would have allowed them to be part of the fun.  Until we can coordinate a bit better, we hope you'll enjoy those who did make the shoot!  And we do mean "make" the shoot...aren't they gorgeous?  Pictured from left:  Canine Companion Ann Maynard, Emily Maynard, Whitney Frazier Watt, Lori Thompson Finke, Nana (June Hook), Mom (Debbie Wheat), Aunt Heidi (Heidi Hilliard), Elizabeth Liebschutz-Roettger, and Rebecca Hook.

Want to know more about our Holiday Collection photo shoot?  Visit us here for a behind-the-scenes look at the fun we had!  And...a slide show of highlights from the Collection may be found here. Enjoy!

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