When I was nominated for an award this fall (of the fashion sort, no less) I was completely surprised and deeply honored...especially because the recognition came from a group very near and dear to my heart, The Younger Woman's Club of Louisville.  

I joined the YWC in 2006, following in the footsteps of my grandmother, who had entered the Club nearly 60 years earlier as a newlywed (her invitation below,) and my aunt, who had done the same in the early 80s. My hope was to connect with interesting and accomplished women in town, as I was new to Louisville, and to learn more about giving back to the community with a known and respected group that had been making a difference locally since 1921.

What I found exceeded all expectation. I've made friends I'll know and love forever, who have seen me through some dark days and celebrated readily on bright ones. I've met remarkable leaders in our community who run some of the most incredible charitable agencies in the nation, changing lives and the local landscape with their tireless efforts and enthusiasm, and I've had the privilege of raising funds to help these organizations continue their missions with some pretty amazing women by my side.  

In fact, my connection to The Cabbage Patch, the wonderful spot where I teach monthly jewelry classes to underprivileged children, grew from a YWC volunteer opportunity in my first year as a prospective member--I helped peel what seemed like 400 pounds of potatoes as part of The Patch's Thanksgiving dinner for the kids and their families.

As a way to honor and give back for what the YWC has brought to my life, I decided to create a capsule collection--styles in small quantities and available for a limited time only--that contributes to the Younger Woman's Club Charity Fund.  Half of each design's retail price will be given to the YWC to help them help others in our community. 

My hope is that as you wear (or give!) the jewelry, you'll be reminded of the great beauty in giving, the many incredible organizations in Louisville that do such meaningful work for those in need, and that there is nothing more fashionable than making a difference.






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  • Posted On September 28, 2016 by Kyan Keenan

    Congratulations! Well deserved & the collection is beautiful!

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