We've been partnering with The Southern Coterie for the past few months, selecting and writing inspirational quotes for their Instagram account that speak to transformation and finding a path amidst change.

When they first contacted us about the project, we were surprised and honored--after all, they're an inspiration to us with their wonderful way of bringing together makers, owners, thinkers, and founders from the entrepreneurial South and their encouraging attitude about how to make meaningful impact in connection and collaboration.

Each Sunday, they've posted one of our hand-written quotes, and this week they were kind enough to share the deeper story behind them: our own journey of transformation when life took an unexpected turn three and a half years ago.  We've never been asked to write for a larger audience, and, though hesitant at first, we're incredibly grateful to have been given such an amazing opportunity to tell a bit about life's unfolding in our own words. All of this has been such a reminder that beauty can emerge from even our most difficult times.

We hope you enjoy the article...and so much thanks to Dominique and The Southern C team for including us in their awesomeness.  

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