A few things I'm loving lately:

1. Maybe it's this time of year - I spent my first stretch of time living in New York City during my Alma Mater's January Term, so as late December rolls around, it's as though I'm readying myself for another stint in The Big Apple. (I wish!) Paulina Bren's The Barbizon is hitting all the notes of female independence, Manhattan housing options, and brave ladies finding ways to earn their living in New York from the 1920s on in this account of one of the first hotels exclusively for women. 
2.  I first saw Sylvan Esso live a few years ago and mayyyyy have been one of the oldest peeps in the audience. When they played a few weeks (months? this winter has been kind of a blur so far) ago in Louisville, I was reminded of how fun their music is - lights, sounds, and all. A few of my favorite SE songs are part of our latest Spotify playlist, and this album in particular brings up all the feels from one of their live performances.

3. There are all kinds of new and trendy hot sauces out there these days - and many are delicious - but I've been revisiting an old favorite lately, and it's just the reliable awesomeness I need for eggs in the morning and the occasional sandwich. As it turns out, they've been making this magic for almost 100 years, so clearly they know what they're doing.

4. I ordered my first pair of clogs a few years ago and went straight for the gold. Handmade and entirely glorious, I adore wearing these shining shoes with denim and dresses alike, bringing a bit of boldness and comfort to any outfit. I'm eyeing black and pale pink as my next additions, and at less than $70 a pop, they're not a break-the-bank adventure.

5.  You know those gifts you buy for others that you'd really like to have for yourself? That was the feeling that surfaced when I snagged this kit at a favorite store in town for my little bro's Christmas gift. I mean, who hasn't dreamed of singing backup and shaking a tambourine on stage one day? 


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