Few things are more fun than an opportunity to combine pink and red, go bonkers with some vintage hearts, and to share the love with you all! For these reasons and more, we love this time of year when our Valentine-inspired designs arrive, often dubbed our Happy Hearts collection. This year is no exception; I've created a small collection of one-of-a-kind Elva necklaces - many with vintage heart elements, others with less super-obvious connections to love and Valentine's Day. There are gummy bears (yes, iridescent gummy bears!) and a nod to the most romantic city in the world (Paris), and even some love bugs in the mix. 

For the small-batch portion of the collection, I rounded up some sentimental and fun favorites: from golden lockets (both vintage and new) and some fresh beaded chains to bring color into the picture. I love imagining you all finding some sweet somethings in these happy heart offerings for your favorite gals: sisters, friends, friends who are like sisters, daughters, mamas, maybe even yourself, sharing the love and cheer with ease and style.

Also...though I completely forgot to mention this in the email launch as the collection goes live today (!) I had the MOST fun painting some canvas zip pouches recently, and after adding a vintage ribbon and felt heart pull to each zipper, I decided they must be shared. So - every order of $100 or more for the next two weeks will include one of these happy heart pouches as a thank-you gift. Each is unique and, as with our gems and art around here, made by hand and with love.





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