We're pretty pumped to introduce our latest fun here at Elva Fields: The Elva Awesome.  We'll spare you the brainstorm details (*see below if you want the full story), but here's a bit about how it works and what you can look forward to.  The awesomeness,  if you will:

    • - We'll offer one-of-a-kind goodness (jewelry, vintage finds, maybe even occasional artwork) in daily-ish auctions listed with a description on our account.

    • - Prices, as the name suggests, will be awesome.

      • - The first person to post with the comment SOLD and their email address wins the item pictured.

    • - An invoice will be sent to the winning email address and the item shipped following payment.

  • - The winner receives the item and a bit of Elva Awesome in their life.  Pretty fantastic.

    Looking forward to the fun--the first auction begins today!



    * the long version / full story:

    We have lots of onesies floating around the studio.  Not the baby clothes variety (though it's highly likely a Barbie shoe or unicorn is hiding in the studio somewhere thanks to our favorite two little ladies who like to frequent this joint), but the one-of-a-kind jewelry type of onesie. 

    You know, we'll discover a really great pair of beads, turn them into earrings, but because we only have one pair, we don't spend the time to list them on the site with our full collections.  And so they sit.  For a really long time.  And they take up space in our tiny spot.  And then we forget about them.  Until we find them again months later when, perhaps, we're looking for a lost Barbie shoe for one of the aforementioned little ladies.  And we think, "Aw, man. These earrings are so great. Someone should enjoy them. It stinks that they're just hanging out on a shelf when they could be hanging from someone's ears having a really good time."

    Which is almost exactly what happened, and we thought, "If only we could snap a quick photo of them and show them to our customers. I bet they'd totally dig it. Too bad there's not an app for that."
    Except then we realized that, wait, no, there is totally an app for that. 

    So we created the alter-ego elvaawesome on Instagram (we didn't want to interrupt our original feed with Insta-auctions in case our followers weren't interested...plus, the completely compulsive crazy person in us cringed at the thought of interrupting our routine and layout of quotes and photos that bring us such joy, so we opted for a whole side account) and we're hoping you're along for the ride. 

    We'll keep bringing the awesomeness--maybe that onesie pair of earrings, a necklace we just feel compelled to offer at a ridiculous price, a fun flea-market find from a recent vintage adventure, or even a watercolor we created on a whim--and see where it takes us.  Let us know what you think! (Now that you know what we did.)
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