When we began brainstorming our Spring Collection theme, Blooming Beautifully, little did we know we'd find inspiration in our morning cup of tea. Part of our daily ritual (since discovering coffee just isn't a fit for us, despite loving it so) is starting a kettle of hot water on our stove top and pouring it over the beautiful blends of tea from Elmwood Inn

When we scoop a spoonful of their Ayurvedic herbs and green teas from its jar, we never cease to be astonished by the subtle range of hue and texture in each assortment, notably from the dried blooms that are found scattered through the mix. Whether the Yoga Blend (pictured above) with its chrysanthemum blossoms and marigold petals, or the Temple Garden blend that shows off the prettiest pink rosebuds, we find such delight and joy in the flowers that frequent our cup.

It occurred to us that spring, with its emphasis on fresh starts and new beginnings, might be just the time to share how we commence each day, opening up to possibility and presence, encouraged by the beautiful blooms in our beverage to find beauty in every moment along the way.


*A special thanks to Bruce and Shelley Richardson, dear friends, (who were kind and brave enough to offer me a job serving tea as a student when they operated their beautiful tea room in historic Perryville, Kentucky) tea experts and wonderful people, for creating and passing along these beautiful blends. Follow along their tea journey on Instagram--it's a delight!





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  • Posted On August 09, 2016 by Shelley Richardson

    Dearest Emily,
    This lovely post was just brought to my attention today. How did we miss this back in the spring. I was moved deeply by your kind words. I do however, remember that beautiful instagram post, which we reposted. It wasn’t long after the birthday lunch Allison planned for us. I have thought of it many times since, with much gratitude. A very special time, with amazingly talented women. You and your wonderful mother will always have a place in my heart, full of memories from our tea times at Elmwood. Much love to you, Emily and the “Little Ladies” What a beautiful woman and loving mother you have become. Shelley

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