Within the first two minutes of watching "The Sign Painters" movie trailer, I was hooked. I'm quite the nerd when it comes to letters, typefaces, etc., so obviously I was amazed watching these artists hand paint every letter so perfectly. It's so refreshing to see people that are passionate about the art of signs and lettering. There's just something so gravitating about those bold letters and hand-drawn lines and how the texture of the paint on different surfaces really brings it all to life. It's this combination of elements that make these signs impossible not to notice. There are actually quite a few businesses and artists around Louisville that have warmly embraced this type of craftsmanship, using this marketing technique to really set themselves apart from other businesses. But clearly, it's not just marketing, it's an art form that truly becomes a vital part of a business's character. These are just a few of my favorites--enjoy!

My Old Kentucky Homebrew | RYE | Highlands Mural | Garage Bar


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