I once was told, "second place is the first loser!" (Clearly, I roll with a pretty competitive lot.) That being said, why go for silver or settle for bronze when you can go for the gold?! Today's BuzzWord, "Aureate," is perfectly fitting for one of Spring's biggest trends--metallics! Remember last year around this time when you would stroll innocently into a store, only to shortly thereafter be blinded by the huge stock of neon items surrounding you? While neons are still living their 15 minutes of fame in the trend department, spring metallics are really where it's at.  This '50s inspired dress is jaw-dropping with its sweet honey-hue and clean-cut metallic stripes. I'm also pretty crazy about this ornate beaded top; it makes me think Bollywood in the most glamorous of ways! But let's be honest here, gold can be tricky-- not everyone has a warm skin tone most ideal for golden shades. Luckily for all my cooler-toned sisters, you can find gold pieces that vary in color intensity, helping immensely with this debacle... And really, no one is telling you to dress head to toe in gold like a 1970s Disco queen; A few hints of this marvelous metal will keep you shining bright (these shoes, or this bag, for example). Personally, I'm most obsessed with these J.crew shorts (and despite that they look a bit like the Damask wallpaper in my Mom's house, it's in a classy way, ya know?) If, instead, you're looking in the jewels department and going for a bold statement, an aureate style like one of these is sure to keep you feeling as good as (yep, you saw this coming) gold, of course!

The Jewels: | Fields Not Far | Centerpiece for an Occasion | Carry A Tune



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