The Look:

The Necklace

The Dress: Ikat Got Your Fun Dress

The Bag: Bridle Party Bag in Sunset

The Polish: Golden Nuggets

The Earrings


The Look:

The Necklace: Ebony and Ivory

Top: Creme Lace Back Top

The Skirt: Always Play Flare 

The Clutch: Leather fold over 

The Bangles: Enamel Logo Bangle 


The Jewels: "Good and Precious Time"

The Dress: Knit Ruffle Dress

The Bag: Cambridge Satchel 

The Shoes: Wooden Wedge Sandal

XOXO, Jordan

The Jewels: "A Paler Palette"

The Dress: Coral Printed Silk Dress

The Shoes: Chart Topper Wedge

The Bracelet: Classic Wide Bangle

The Clutch: Cordoba Clutch

XOXO, Jordan

The Jewels: "Iron Will"

The Shirt: Cream Long-Sleeved Blouse

The Pants: Suede  Leggings

The Shoes: Leopard Flat Sandal

The Bag: Large Scorpios Tote

XOXO, Jordan 

The Jewels: Necklace

The Dress: Southwestern Breeze Dress

The Shoes: Miranda Wedges

The Bracelet: Black & Gold Bangles

The Hair Pin: Gold Khaki Beak Clip

XOXO, Jordan

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