As I'm sure you've noticed, the season of Love is upon us! I mean how can you not notice with the influx of heart-shaped-everything and oversized teddy bears at every turn? Valentine's day is a wonderful time to celebrate that heartfelt sentiment that truly makes the world go 'round... And not to mention, a great time for some heartfelt gifts (check out our gift guide for some fun ideas!) Oh, but one final thing, let's not forget about all the SWEETS! Next to Halloween, this is the best holiday for satisfying a gal's sweet tooth. With that being said, we thought it'd be neat to feature a few local places to visit to really get ya in the spirit!

First on the list, The Cake Flour Bakery located on E. Market in downtown Louisville. This place uses ingredients that are all natural, organic, and locally produced for naturally delicious treats that you can actually feel good about eating! Sounds like a win-win situation if I've ever heard one.. They have cakes, pastries, and um just look at those cup cakes? 

Image courtesy of The Cake Flour Bakery

If you haven't made a venture into the Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe located on Frankfort Avenue, please allow me to enlighten you on one of the most amazing places around. For V-day, this is the perfect spot to take your sweetheart for a treat! (or for all my single ladies, absolutely no shame in taking yourself or grabbing a gal pal!) They have delicious desserts of every nature... Start the morning off by sipping on a layered raspberry mocha or spend an afternoon out on the patio nibbling on a cookie or slice of delectable Italian Cream Cake. Be sure to check out their seasonal Valentine's day concoctions, too cute!

Image Courtesy of Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe

For all my chocolate fiends out there, look no further than Cellar Door Chocolates on Story Avenue. They make amazing chocolate concoctions of every sort, including my own personal weakness, the truffle. They have truffles of all kinds; including raspberry, hazelnut, green chile, and of course Bourbon. Personally, I've never been a huge fan of Bourbon (I know, I know, a true Kentuckian can't say such a thing!)... But Bourbon encapsulated in creamy milk chocolate, now that's more my style. I could go on rambling about my absurd (see unhealthy?) obsession with chocolate truffles, but I think you all get the point! 

Image Courtesy of Cellar Door Chocolate

All this "sweet talk" is making me pretty hungry. Good thing just a block down the road in Taylorsville, our favorite lunch spot "The Teacup" has some perfect Valentine's day treats for us to try! Nothing like a little local love. 'Tis the season!



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