Our Fall 2012 photo shoot took place in the historic Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, America's largest restored Shaker community in the beautiful Bluegrass region of Kentucky.   The Shaker people lived here communally, celebrating a peaceful, simple, ordered life, hallmarks of their society that began as a movement in the 19th century.  Though no Shakers remain in Kentucky, the legacy of their honest work and rich faith remains in the beautiful architecture, tranquil farmland, and stunning craftsmanship in the wonderfully-restored buildings and acreage at Pleasant Hill.  

Growing up in nearby Danville, Kentucky, we often visited the grounds to learn more about the rich history of our area, affectionately calling it "Shakertown" on field trips and family adventures.  Pleasant Hill is a remarkably gorgeous place--striking in its simplicity and serenity--and we felt it fitting to honor these tenets in style and setting as a fond childhood memory, but also an homage to the beauty of the place we know and love that is Kentucky.  

We spent a day this past spring on the grounds to capture glimpses into this historic spot, and many/most of the names of the necklaces in the collection are named using songs, poems, sayings, or writings of the Shaker people.  We also plan to share bits and pieces of the Shaker story with you as autumn arrives--we feel sure their history will speak to your present, wherever you are.

We certainly aren't alone in finding the beauty of Pleasant Hill--in addition to daily tours and special events like concerts, boat rides, Fall on the Farm at the barns (a favorite for kiddos), and even guided quail hunts, they now offer dining in a beautifully-restored building in the heart of the restored Village as well as overnight stays at the Inn at Shaker Village.  Absolutely worth a trip to Kentucky as the leaves turn, especially.  And if you aren't able to head to the beautiful Bluegrass, you can always enjoy hand-made crafts from their online store created with the quality and simplicity prized and demonstrated by the Shaker people.

So join us in welcoming our Fall 2012 Collection, an homage to the simple, straightforward style of the Shakers, their vibrant history, and the beauty of honest, good work.   We hope you'll enjoy what you see!  (And stay tuned throughout the coming months as we continue to share the story of the Shaker people.)

{all photos by Kriech-Higdon Photography}

[For additional photos from our shoot at Pleasant Hill, see our Look Book...and join us on Tumblr for behind-the-scenes outtakes from the afternoon.]


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