{photo for Designlovefest by Heather Gildroy}

If you haven't yet seen our latest Leading Lady, then you are missing someone fabulous in your life.  Bri Emery, the brains and beauty behind the fantastic blog Designlovefest is awesomely talented...and we were thrilled she was on board with our collaborative project.  (It was a blast, by the way.  Check it on out here.)  When we saw these latest portraits of her by Heather Gildroy wearing our bright yellow bauble, we were over the moon.  GORGEOUS.

After we created the necklace together, we had a chance to ask Bri a few questions...and thought you'd enjoy a bit more about Bri...and for the full fashion shoot in that drop dead amazing tulle skirt, head on over to Bri's site for a gander.  Seriously stylish.


Emily/Elva Fields: Your blog's name, Designlovefest, makes us smile--the perfect mix of happy, playful, and quirky--what is your idea of a fun "fest" or party?

Bri/Designlovefest:  My ideal party would be full of color, cocktails, sequins, jazz music and my favorite people.

E:  We know you love some sunny yellow, and the heart (obviously) is all you...are there any other Bri/Designlovefest signatures that capture your style or character?

B:  i would say bold patterns and unexpected color pairings.

E:  We love living vicariously through our designs...any thoughts on some adventures your new jewel might be part of in and around Los Angeles (or beyond?!)  

B:  i have already worn it to teach my LA blogshop class (it fit perfect with my bright pink trina turk dress). however, i can see wearing this beauty over just a t-shirt to fancy up an everyday brunch outfit.

E:  We're honored that you now have your very own Elva...any other jewels on the site catch your eye? 

B:  i have a serious crush on ALL of them, but here are 3 I am especially drawn to:  Marvelous Mix Up, A Study in White, and Interesting Outlook

E:  Thanks so much again, Bri!  We loved having you as our July Leading Lady!  

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