My tried-and-true breakfast for years has been a fried egg on toast (along with a few other accompaniments on a non-school-run day) and, as the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Which is why I was a little skeptical of a gift from my mom that offered a change to my morning routine: a pottery egg poacher for the microwave. First of all, what's the big improvement of poached over fried? Secondly, microwaveable pottery? I didn't know that was a thing. Despite my reservations, I gave it a shot and immediately changed my narrow-minded breakfast ways.
It helps that it's summertime, and delicious tomatoes are in ready supply. Also, that I'm not rushing out the door with two kiddos and an early school start time, but it's honestly not an involved process. We'll see if I can still swing it come August. I'm hoping so, because this start to my summer days is nothing short of delicious.
- bread, toasted
- egg, poached in the microwave following instructions from the Pottery
- sliced tomato
- 5-6 spinach leaves, added to the egg poacher for a minute or two post-microwaving
- olive oil
- salt and pepper
Place the egg, tomato, and spinach on the toast, drizzle with olive oil, add salt and pepper to taste, and start your summer day right.
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