It's our Sweet Sixteen here at Elva Fields (can you believe if our business were a human, it could drive a car?!) and we're celebrating the sweetest occasion with inspiration from one of the "sweetest" books/movies we know - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
What does this mean, exactly? Well, cue the song "I've Got a Golden Ticket" and toss some golden glitter in the air : we're giving away SIXTEEN golden tickets, friends!

Yep, except we won't make you bring your Uncle Joe for a tour of the Elva Fields studio if you win...we've got way cooler prizes in store. (Like, gift cards to some of our favorite "sweet" spots, discounts on Elva fun, and even some jewelry!)

So here's how it works: 16 numbered golden tickets will be hidden in 16 different orders throughout the month of October. (So each and every purchase is a chance to win!) If you open your order and see that glimmer of golden awaiting (and it isn't just the jewelry you ordered sparkling inside) email us with the number on your ticket, and we'll send you the prize that corresponds with the number. Maybe a new pair of earrings? 40% off your next order? A $100 gift card toward designing your very own custom Elva necklace? We can't wait to surprise you - because you, after all, are why we're still here 16 years later, friends.

Thank you for loving us so well - we're so grateful to still be creating and connecting and celebrating with you.


If you've scrolled down this far, you're either a super-fan (which is awesome, thank you, and hello!) or you're a Golden Ticket Winner (which is also awesome, thank you, and congratulations!) If you're the latter, look for your ticket number below and then email us (click here to send us a message!) to claim your Sweet Sixteen birthday prize!

01/16 -  $100 Elva Fields gift card

02/16 - $20 Elva Fields gift card

03/16 - 20% off your next order at Elva Fields

04/16 - a Birthday Bangle of your choice

05/16 - $10 Elva Fields gift card

06/16 - 10% off your next order at Elva Fields

07/16 - a pair of vintage filigree earrings

08/16 - a vintage velvet knot bracelet

09/16 - 40% off your next order at Elva Fields

10/16 - $10 Elva Fields gift card

11/16 - a pair of sterling silver love knot earrings

12/16 - $100 credit toward a custom design through our WIYJB? mail-in kit

13/16 - $50 Elva Fields gift card

14/16 - a pair of sterling silver love knot earrings

15/16 - a vintage velvet knot bracelet

16/16 - a pair of carved chrysoprase heart earrings


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