A few things I'm loving lately: 

1. This snake series from Wink Wink Studio. Truly, there is not a single painting of hers I don't adore.

2. Jon Batiste can do no wrong, and his latest single is on repeat for me. (It's the grand finale song on my January playlist.)

3. I've had to be my own traffic cop lately to slow myself down, sit still, and meditate to clear the crazy that's often scrolling through my mind these days. Instead of a speeding ticket, I gave myself an incentive to ease up my pace: a ritual with incense that feels like a luxurious treat to myself. Each stick burns for 20 minutes, so I know I'm at least going to get that much attempted calm, and the scent is NOTHING like the nag champa haze of college dorm days - light, floral, but grounding. (Bonus - my kids dig it, too, and sometimes sit a minute quietly before moving on to their next mess.)

4. One of my top-three teas of all time, no question. Never ever gets old. (And not just because of its name, but that certainly doesn't hurt.)

5. To distract me from my occasional doomscrolling, I've picked up a new habit...and even though it doesn't disconnect me from my screen, I figure it activates my brain and keeps me on the up-and-up with my vocabulary. (And isn't there something about word games keeping dementia at bay? Does asking that make me even more of a granny? Please don't answer that, actually.)



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