I'll always adore one-of-a-kind creations, but it IS fun every once in a while to be able to offer MORE than one of something to you - whether it's a pair of earrings for which I have the materials to make a dozen or so, a collection of vintage goodness found at my favorite flea market that shares the same style, a limited-edition run of handmade necklaces, or even artisanal designs sourced out in the wide world. And not exclusively jewelry! I have plans for gifts, home accessories, art and more. The theme that links them all, "By Hand + With Love," is deeply connected to the Elva Fields credo, and it seemed a fitting name for this new bi-monthly offering that starts this week!

So, how will it work? Be sure you're signed up for our emails (there's a spot at the bottom right of every page of this website,) and I'll send you a BH+WL link via email when we have some small-batch fun for you to see and shop - roughly twice each month. I'll have a limited amount of each BH+WL item available, and once they're sold out, they're gone, friends, so, as my mother always says, "Remember, the time to take the cookies is when they're passed!" 

I hope BH+WL quickly becomes a fun addition to the ways in which you connect with Elva Fields, allowing you to bring even more joy to your growing collections of beauty and delight in your lives.




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