1- House of Frazier White Clutch         5- AV Max Art Deco Cuff

2- Elva Fields Earrings                  6- Antique Lace Headband

3- Mulberry Studded T-Strap              7- Chanel Rouge Lipstick

4- Awear Black Sequin Mini               8-  Warby Parker Glasses                  

It's finally here-- the premiere of Gatsby! If I could live in any other era, the '20s may be it; I love all the glamour, the deep red lips, the intricately beaded dresses, the Art Deco inspiration everywhere you look. Not only was the fashion marvelous,  but the new spirit of empowerment amongst women is definitely something to admire. As far as the book goes, it is of course, one of my all-time favorite novels. I specifically remember being unable to put it down when it was assigned for my English class in highschool, even reading it sneakily in the back row of my other classes because I couldn't stop turning the pages. Now Hollywood has compiled a list of elite actors and actresses to bring it back to life and I am beyond thrilled... So thrilled that I may just sport a flapper dress to the cinema this evening (I know, total overkill.) Seriously though, If you want to add a touch or two of that Gatsby glam to your wardrobe, I've picked out a few of my favorites above... And if you're looking for a real statement, this flashy gold number below with an Art Deco-inspired bow stays right in line with that '20s sizzle. 



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