|| Rope Striped Bandeau Swimsuit || Postage Stamp Sailor Mini || Nautical Fleece || Rope Bracelet || Anchor Buckle Belt || 

Despite the seasickness and my legitimate phobia of sharks (this happens when you watch "Jaws" at an inappropriately young age,) I still feel there is nothing better than a day on the open seas! Our buzzword "spindrift" is perfectly tied to experiencing life as a true sailor, with the wind at your back and the sea spray in your face! (sounds magical, right?) In all seriousness, there is one brand that really does "nautical" right, creating looks and accessories that are flawlessly chic every time. This brand is, of course, J.Crew. Here are a few of my favorite J.crew classic nautical picks, right in time for warm weather fun. Also, if you're looking for a gorgeous sea-hued statement piece, look no further than the jewels I've pictured below, aptly titled "Pretty in the Pacific." Enjoy!



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