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Just down the street from our studio sits a haven for lovers of all things aged with time and rich in character. The Red Scooter is an antique store right on Main Street in Taylorsville, housing everything from vintage jewelry to antique bookshelves and foot stools. Entering the store, it certainly lives up to the name, as adorable vintage red scooters are found throughout; tied to the ceiling, propped in the windows, hung from the walls. The owner, Beverly, has been collecting these scooters for years, picking them up at random places throughout the state. We took an afternoon to sit down with Beverly for a little interview...enjoy! 

Jordan/Elva Fields: How long have you had your business and how did you get it started?

Beverly/Red Scooter: It's been 17 years. Really, I just felt that there was a need for it. This building actually started out as a cafe, it's a really great building. I grew up around antiques, my Mom and Dad always had old stuff. My Dad worked in construction and back in the day, people bulldozed everything down, it's not like today. Dad hated the bulldozing and always tried to save everything... And now here I am! 

J: What is your favorite thing about living in a small town and why? 

B: I love it! It's the closeness, the family, the friends; people help people and if you ever need anything, there's always someone there.

J: If you have some free time, what is your favorite thing to do in Taylorsville?

B: I walk a lot downtown, just to see what's going on. I used to walk the parks around here a lot, now it's more downtown.

J: What is your favorite movie or book?

B: Forever Amber, it's an older book!

J: If you could take a trip, where would you go?

B: [laughs] Someplace warm!!! (Note: it has been a chilly spring here in Taylorsville so far!)

J: What did you want to be when you grew up?

B: A dancer, I always used to watch Juliette Prowse and Fred Astaire! 

J: What is your favorite piece in the store?

B: That would be my old stove back there in the corner, the one that's red and white with the enamel top.

J: Lastly, how did you come up with the name “The Red Scooter?”
B: Oh, that's a good one! I was on the phone with my brother and I told him I had to come up with a name. He started naming random things in his house, just this and that. He said, well I have this red scooter and I said 'that's it!' 

If you'd like to visit The Red Scooter in our tiny town of Taylorsville you can get more information here!

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