Hey Gals! So, we thought it'd be fun to do a little segment called "BuzzWord"... A nifty word defined and then tied to fashion, design, jewelry- anything that strikes our interests, really! You can educate yourself on a little lingo while seeing some neat related items- good stuff, right? So, here we go, let's kick this off! 

I'm a big animal-lover (not necessarily in a PETA throw-blood-on-your-fur-type-of-way, but in the less dramatic sense of the word...) That being said, it's really no secret that I'm a fan of felines... In other words, I'm a self-proclaimed "ailurophile" and have been for quite some time (see evidence of this in my awkward childhood photo below). My friends often tease me, referring to me as a "cat lady," and I unassumingly thought this was all fun and games... That is, until I recently watched a particularly disturbing episode of the TV show "Hoarders" where this sweet woman hoarded not clothes, trinkets, or National Geographics... But yep, you guessed it, cats! They were everywhere, jumping, meowing, and purring within every inch of living space. It was at this point that I decided the whole "cat lady" thing is really no laughing matter. 

But back on track, when it comes to felines and fashion, there are some pretty chic cat-themed lovelies out there! I'm particularly fond of these jewels, encompassing a regal Lion head shoe buckle- making for a pretty pick both bold and fierce! I'm definitely a big fan of this light sweater and cat print skirt, wonderfully whimsy to say the least. As far as accessories go, these retro-inspired cat-eye glasses are a fun old school pick! Last but not least, check out these loafers, since you really can't go wrong with a hint of leopard print. So, whether you're one of us or not (an ailurophile, that is) go get a cat-inspired piece! No claws and hairballs included, just effortless on-trend style.  

(An ailurophile from an early age. Needless to say, this bedazzled sweatshirt would not make the list of fashionable feline items)



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