No more numbing temperatures and snow flurries please, we're ready for a change! Despite that March 20th was the very first official day of Spring, it's still a little too nippy around Kentucky for our liking! But with the new season just around the corner, the studio is all abuzz over springtime favorites to come. Amy is especially looking forward to throwing on a bright and cheery pair of classic Keds for a little stroll around the neighborhood with her adorable new puppy Louis. With warmer temperatures, spring will at last bring back fields abounding with fresh blooms (especially here in our sweet little pastoral town of Taylorsville). That being said, we certainly agree with Grace, that a fresh-picked bouquet would look ever so charming in that gorgeous blue vase! Jess is excited to finally be able to put the top down on her convertible again. What better accessory for a sunny springtime cruise around town than a light and airy vintage-inspired scarf? Perfect for coif-control on a windy ride! New gardens will soon be springing up all around us and this is definitely what Emily is looking forward to-planting their bed of organic lettuces! Maybe you don't have quite the green thumb? Check out some easy tips here for raising your very own backyard garden! Last but not least, let's not forget about all the new spring fashion! Jordan can't wait to toss the wool and boots for floral frocks perfect for a garden fete (or at least a casual outing in Louisville's Cherokee park). So much to look forward to... But for now, we'll gaze out our frost-covered studio windows and wait patiently for that first wisp of sweet springtime to come our way. 

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