A little black dress (with a twist of leather!) for upcoming Fall 2013. 

Even though we're in the midst of launching our Spring Collections (though it sadly feels a little too chilly here in our Kentucky studio to be springtime...) we always have an eye on what's ahead.  (Or like to think we do!)  We loved seeing our September Leading Lady Cassandra Lavalle of coco+kelley select the most stylish of Fall trends for MyHabit this week.  

Among favorite "finds" Cass noted from the Fall fashion shows, we're loving the Art Deco infusions (of course...you know we can't get enough vintage 'round here...)  

and the punch of, well, punchy colors in wonderful combination.  Rich reds mix and mingle with magenta and eggplant...gorgeous berry hues working in colorful collaboration.  Sign us up.

Now to start on our own Fall Collections of jewelry in the coming weeks...

[all images via coco+kelley]

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