Roséline Lohr's ethereally beautiful blog, this is glamorous, has been a favorite of ours for some time.  Personally, when I need to unplug from the overload of the day, it's a serene, soothing visual treat to browse her subtle, elegant style selections.  (Her tumblr is another great way to unwind, with its series of lovely images to enjoy...) Lots of pale pinks involved, and certainly glamour (as the name suggests), and topics ranging from fashion to interiors to food.  Roséline captures the beauty of her days, and I always leave feeling refreshed and a bit more, well, glamorous than I arrived.

A few years ago, Roséline was kind and thoughtful enough (yes, she is as gracious and lovely a person as the style she exudes!) to give us the surprise of our career at that point.  She had been tapped as Lucky magazine's guest blogger for the month, and in the issue the editor asked Roséline to name a few of her favorite resources for living a glamorous life.  Our jaw dropped when we saw "Elva Fields" was listed as one of her favorite websites.  (Full disclosure:  it was our first-ever mention in a national publication!)

It comes as no surprise now, then, that Roséline was on our list when we started this fun Leading Lady series, and when she sent along her inspiration images, via a Pinterest board she had created for the project, we were so excited by the fresh, feminine mood of it all.

And a few snippets from her tumblr that we loved, too:

We were immediately captivated by the soft pinks and touches of muted gold throughout the images she selected, so we began pulling beads and vintages channeling this subtle mix, offering everything from rose quartz and peach moonstone to coral and pearls.  

We seemed to keep going with our vintage options (lots of potential here, but so many different directions!) including buckles, charms, pendants, flowers, a pearl collar, and an arrangement of creamy-colored earrings that made a lovely grouping together.

Roséline was immediately drawn to the pearls, and then pointed out a few of her favorite ornaments that might accompany them...

So our next step was to show her what some of these pairings might look like, by arranging mock layouts using the pearls and the various vintages.  We thought the rhinestone and golden filigree buckle might make a lovely clasp, or the collection of vintage earrings would be sweet clustered at the side of the strands...or perhaps the more forwardly-feminine Art Deco buckle could clasp the strands together at the side...or we might mix in some golden chains to accompany the goldtone and rhinestone songbird pendant...



From all of these suggestions, Roséline loved the fun family of earrings--from celluloid and rhinestone from the 40s to costume pearl and enamel from the 50s, they all had a similar vibe and seemed destined for pearl strands, and we opted to add in some strands of golden pewter and brass to highlight their golden sparkle.  In an effort to create a starting point for us both, we arranged the assortment in a fairly traditional design, the strands at regular intervals, the earrings clustered at left.

Roséline suggested (and we agree) that the strands might seem more suited to her style if they were arranged more whimsically, and she sent along a quick sketch of what she was imagining (always helpful, as we're such visual people...this usually hits home immediately!)  So we tried removing some of the strands at random (not entirely...just flipping them around to the back of the mannequin, in case we wanted to bring them back in later!) to see if a more "lightened" mix might suit.


But then it seemed almost too bare, so we slowly added a few of the pearls back in, made the longest strand just a bit longer, and lowered the cluster of earrings (now minus one, as it seemed too bulky for the fewer strands...) to see if we were any closer to the mark.

We also suggested the addition of some vintage costume pearl and goldtone chain, just for another layer of texture and movement in the design.

As it turned out, Roséline loved the chain, and was missing that one earring (it's amazing how the little things make such a difference in design!) so we secured the chain and returned the second faux mother-of-pearl floral earring to its mate, but placing it toward the top of the grouping to create a nice collage of lovely at the side of the cascading strands.  And once Roséline saw this version, she loved it, and we were ready to make it official and ship it off to Scotland!  (Seriously one of our favorite parts of creating these jewels is knowing where they travel once they leave our little studio!)

We love the haphazard layering of texture and finish--and could completely envision Roséline looking effortlessly glamorous in this design, as if she just threw it on and let the strands and ornaments fall as they may.

We were instantly smitten with the gorgeous images she sent along from her shoot in Scotland...Roséline is stunning in our co-created design, the fur collar adding instant elegance, and the touch of muted pink in the background brings her inspiration board immediately to life.   It also seems entirely fitting that several of the photos were taken on the shore, as if the pearls were in their element, the sea star and floral earrings happily at home in the salt air and surf.  

Roséline, as ever, so wonderfully crystalizes the beauty of her surroundings, capturing subtle elements that contribute to a simple, easy elegance that not only make up this is glamorous, but the world around us all.  Thank you for taking part in this project with us, Roséline...we had such fun channeling your creative vision and hope the jewels have a lovely adventure with you along the way!

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  • Posted On January 28, 2013 by Susan ① Bruce

    How much is this beautiful necklace?

  • Posted On December 04, 2012 by lottolive

    Aw… so stunning! Love love love

  • Posted On November 30, 2012 by Megan at [Glamour & Grace]

    Such a gorgeous and whimsical necklace! I always love seeing these posts and the creative process!

  • Posted On November 30, 2012 by Stephanie

    Are you making the necklace to sell too?

  • Posted On November 30, 2012 by Gray

    Absofreakinlutely gorgeous.

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