It's been a whirlwind of a month here at Elva Fields--a wonderful whirlwind, to be sure, but no less whirly.  We have been so honored and excited and giddy and nervous and overwhelmed and appreciative of being in not one but TWO of our favorite magazines this month.  (Seriously...amazing publications.  Country Living and O the Oprah Magazine!)  

And though the flurry came to the fore in August and September, we've been preparing for the craziness (not counting those nearly-nine years of building Elva Fields so far!) since late last spring.  And it's been a group effort to say the least.  Just because there's only one person in that photo up there DOES NOT mean it was a solo act in making it happen.  (And, with regards to that photo, it took a team of miracle-workers to make it look like I operate on 8.5 hours of sleep, walk around with a perfectly coiffed head and made-up face, wear an unwrinkled shirt, and lounge around in a spotless studio.) 

Jessie Kriech-Higdon, you are the most talented lady with a camera around.  That lens sure does some magic, but it's the gal behind it with the skills, and we love you for capturing the best parts of everything on our photo shoots.  Thank you.

Beth Wagner, you are amazing.  Truly grace under pressure.  And a Fairy Godmother who took us under her wing when she saw how pitiful it was that we used no product in our hair.  Ever.  And held our hand and calmly and sweetly explained that that was a mistake.  And then showed us how.  And then added makeup.  And she makes it look so easy.  And shows up with a smile despite the wreck/impossible mess that is in front of her.  Thank you.

Connie and Jamie at Moderne Press, you are the rock stars of the PR world.  You keep us relevant and keep us in the mix...all while spreading the Elva love.  Thank you for all you do to support and shout about us!

Amy, Sarah, and Jess (the Elva gals!) you all put up with some crazy conditions (we won't go into details, but a snake has factored into the equation) and work tirelessly to create beautiful jewels and keep our wonderful customers the happiest around.  From beads and emails to rolling carts down the sidewalk and taping boxes, you are a wonderful, resilient team of women.  Thank you.

And most of all, to my family.  Mom, you are still taking care of me...and now the cutest little ladies around--thank you for carting, feeding, dressing, and bathing the babes...and for arriving with last-minute props, pointers, and a moving van right at the perfect time.  Always.  Thank you.  Patrick, only you know the craziness that truly goes into what we do here.  There is a special place in heaven for a man like you putting up with a gal like me, and I am so happy (and relieved and grateful) that you are along for the ride.  You allow me the honor of pursuing this dream relentlessly, even if the odds aren't in our favor sometimes.   The long hours, late nights, roller coaster emotions, ridiculous all seems to work out just fine because you're willing and able to hold down the fort elsewhere.  I don't think there are enough thank-yous in the world for what you do for me.  You are far more patient, unselfish, and strong than I could ever be.  Thank you.

So that is where the credit is due, folks.  A thank you to everyone for helping Elva Fields grow each day and celebrate our most exciting time yet.  

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  • Posted On September 12, 2012 by Kirsten Marchand

    Congratulations Emily and the Elva Fields team! Enjoy this exciting time!

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