Oh, how we wish this month's Leading Lady had started her beautiful bridal blog just four years earlier!  The lovely and talented Vané Broussard founded Brooklyn Bride in April 2007, and countless brides-to-be scour her posts religiously for inspiration, ideas, advice, and vendors for their modern weddings.  (In fact, happily married for the past eight years, we love browsing around Brooklyn Bride for our own visual stimulation now and then--from florals to gowns and cuisine to invites, she has it all covered.)  

The overwhelming popularity of the blog--updated daily--is no doubt due to the exquisitely-honed taste of this interior-designer-by-day, blogger-by-night gal.  You can imagine our thrill at partnering with Vané to create a one-of-a-kind necklace as our March Leading Lady!  When she sent us this inspiration board:

we knew we were in for some fun.  We LOVED the layers of gorgeous greens--and the fact that she included confetti AND fur in the mix let us know she had a sense of whimsy and delight to boot.   We couldn't wait to get started.  So...we sent her these images, pulling from our bead and vintage stashes in the studio:

and asked her if anything jumped out at her from either group.  We also made a few pairing suggestions so she could see what might be possible from the various vintage items and green beads.

Vané could not have been cooler.  She was incredibly laid-back and seemed to truly enjoy the experience, delighting in each design.  In the end, we came up with two necklaces from which she could choose...and (so much nicer than we would ever be!) she asked her husband to choose with her.  (Now if that doesn't prompt you to take wedding advice from someone, we don't know what would! She clearly has a beautiful marriage amidst all of those gorgeous weddings that make up her beautiful blog...and that is the best of all!) 

The selected style?  See below...we LOVE it on her and especially with her bold blue blouse pairing.   (And a red lip?  All around awesome.)

We did ask Vané a few questions after we completed our jewel...enjoy!

Emily Maynard/Elva Fields:  As an interior designer, your approach to blogging is very visual--we could spend hours clicking through all of the amazing images on Brooklyn Bride!--do you approach fashion the same way?  Do you see something and love it and know it will work as an outfit?  

Vané Broussard/Brooklyn Bride:  Absolutely!   Especially when it comes to color...patterns are a little harder for me but I'm working on it! 

EM/EF:  Designer by day, blogger by night...how on earth do you keep those creative juices flowing for it all?  

VB/BB:  It's more a matter of how there are enough hours in the day to do it all :)  Its easy to stay creative when I'm surrounded by pretty pictures & creative folks all day long!  Pinterest has been an insane obsession as of late...I resisted at first but got sucked in and now can't imagine life without it!

EM/EF:  We loved your inspiration board...tell us more about the gorgeous greens you emphasized and included.  

VB/BB:  Green has always been a favorite color of mine...it was the overriding theme of my wedding, is the signature color of Brooklyn Bride, and is just so happy and cheery.  I've always preferred cooler colors versus warm, so pairing it with pops of turquoise and acid yellow just felt right.

EM/EF:  Where will you be wearing your new necklace?  Any fun spots in your neck of the woods that seem just right for jewels?  

VB/BB:  Where CAN'T I wear my necklace??  I feel like I could wear it anywhere, from brunch to work, dressed up or dressed down.  It's an amazing piece!

EM/EF:  One of my few regrets after living in New York is only visiting Brooklyn a handful of times when I had the chance...if we could go back for an afternoon, where would you suggest for brunch followed by some artful home/interiors shopping?  

VB/BB:  That's easy....my new favorite brunch place is Colonie on Atlantic Ave...be sure to get there right when they open at 11 a.m. because it fills up fast!  Then walk all along Atlantic for some great vintage and antique clothing and furniture shops....Horseman Antiques will blow your mind!  Every floor is chock full of amazing furniture!

EM/EF:  Are there any jewels on the Elva Fields site now that catch your eye? 

VB/BB:  The necklaces are long gone, but still set my heart a flutter...I love the colors & composition!  For earrings, droplets of gold or neon yellow would add a punch to any outfit.

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