We were honored when fantastic new retailer C. Wonder (our partners in crime in our recent collaboration collection!) enlisted the aid of a video crew to offer some insight to who we are and what we do here at Elva Fields.  We hope you'll enjoy a little peek into our tiny studio and tiny town--we're thrilled with the results! 

A few behind-the-scenes shots from the day of filming show the team hard at work, a glimpse of wardrobe (jewels, of course!) and a few fun details around our workshop:

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  • Posted On July 10, 2013 by Seray

    Just recently started using you jewelry, & I’m getting so much compliment.

  • Posted On July 09, 2013 by Kerri

    I saw your website featured via shopify and I must say how elegant and stylish your designs are. Well done!

    Kerri (Sydney, Australia)

  • Posted On May 24, 2013 by margaret k

    Your love of the new and old incorporated into jewels for any occasion is incredible! Anyone having had female role models who dressed with style and personality will recall fond memories when looking at your designs.
    Thanks for reminding me how cool some of the old jewelry was and how cool it can be today!

  • Posted On March 10, 2013 by Sandy Kessell

    I fell in luv w/your jewelry! I would luv to introduce your line to my Charleston, WV market. I’m sure u are way past people hosting home parties like in your beginnings. But maybe we could work out something!

  • Posted On January 25, 2013 by Rita Evans

    Wow! I love the website, the words, the video, and the views of the area. We met when you came in to our shared love Hollins. The piece on their website about your venture is just wonderful. You stopped by our store and we shared some time chatting and with vintage pieces. Thanks for the shared concept of combining a love of history with art, making something beautiful, and living with objects as art. Of course, all we jewelry lovers can’t get enough. Living the dream and following heart. Never the same after the Hollins experience. Thanks for sharing. Rita E.

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