We think the world of our Aunt Heidi (mama Deb's sister) and LOVE that she pulled through a very busy week to be part of our Holiday Collection photo shoot this summer...she is endlessly thoughtful and never fails to help others have a great day...and she makes a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies, too.  Quite a lady!  We asked her a few questions about life and family and celebrating this time of year, and she was kind enough to answer amidst the flurry of activity at her house.  

Emily:  As the mother of three boys (who are wonderful young men, by the way) what do you do to add your feminine touch to daily life?  

Heidi:  Since I am in a household with all men, I do enjoy going to lunch with girl friends once in awhile.   I also like to have fresh flowers around the house--that is a treat to myself--and I like to bake cookies...somehow that is therapy for me.

E:  You're the youngest of three...did big sis Deb have any lasting words of wisdom that made an impact on you--then or now?

H:  Growing up I was the pesky little sister that was always getting in the way, but she has always been a good example of doing for others. Deb has a gift for doing so many things so well, and I admire her for that.  I am proud of her and glad we are sisters. Hopefully I am not pesky anymore.

E:  Did you have a favorite holiday tradition growing up in Kentucky?

H:  I guess I always liked Christmas because Mom made it so special.  I liked waking up Christmas morning and smelling the turkey cooking in the oven.  Since my birthday is around the holidays, Mom [Nana of June Collection fame!] always took me to see the Nutcracker Suite every year.  I enjoyed going and loved the music, costumes, and dancing, but don't think I really understood it till I was older.

E:  When you started your own family, did you start any new traditions of your own that you continue today?

H:  I can't say that we really started any new traditions, but did carry on the ones I grew up with as a child. The boys still put their stockings out on Christmas Eve and leave them on a chair.  We have a big Christmas breakfast with scrambled eggs, grits, fried apples, bacon and coffee cake. Dad and Mom used to come when the boys were small to eat with us, and Dad would always make the eggs.  We miss that now, as I can't seem to get them quite the way he made them. Christmas was always a fun family time and still is today.

E:  What is your favorite holiday treat? 

H:  I have so many!  I love the sugar cookies we always make. We make them on special occasions during the year using different cookie cutters, but they always look and taste better at Christmas. Frank [Heidi's husband, our Uncle!] cooks a pork tenderloin on the grill every Christmas that tastes so good.  We marinate it overnight in bourbon.  Our Christmas Eve dinner of pork tenderloin, cheese grits, green beans, salad and rolls has become a tradition in our home, and since Christmas Eve is also Frank's birthday we have a delicious birthday cake! (That I usually get at the bakery!)

E:  We love your classic, easy style--which of our Holiday Collection earrings would you wear as an everyday go-to?

H:  I like all your designs, Emily, but I'm drawn to the red ones, since red is my favorite color. You make beautiful jewelry and you are talented just like your mother.  I am proud of you and so glad we are related. [What an Aunt, right?]

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